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Stolen camera

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by pinevalleyhunter, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. I just wanted to vent alittle about this. Iam a member of pine valley sportsmans club out in adena. I've been running my cameras out there with no problem for 5 years. I went to check my camera today an it was gone. Some dirt bag member or a tresspasser decided they needed more. It really pisses me off that there's sportsman out there that steal from other sportsman. So if this bucks picture pops up on here an my name didn't post it message me cause most likely there the ones who stole my camera

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  2. Its sad to think people are that low! Good luck trying to find it i will keep my eye out for the picture! Good luck hunting this year! Take care and God bless

  3. Does your club have a pass code assigned to each member or is it just a gate and lock? If there is a pass code and you can narrow the date down a little you might be able to find out who went in and out during that time frame. Maybe the club is having trouble with someone that entered during that time frame and it would give you a start.
  4. I own land in Adena was wondering where is the pine valley club ?

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  5. Pine valley is out past short creek. It's about a mile or two past short creek, its out by the big red radio tower

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  6. Im not too far from that area. Thanks for the heads up and hope u find the loser that did that.
  7. A couple miles north of you Matt.
  8. Don't blame you for being a little hot about losing your camera. I know I would be.

  9. Its sad that hunters will steal from other hunters. Couple years ago a buddy had a stand disappear from his Grandpas property. About a month later we were at his Grandpas place rabbit hunting. We also have permissiom to hunt Mr Grahams place that neighbors his Grandpas farm. I walk into the woods and low and behold there is my buddys stand with a 17 year old kid. He knew he was busted and turned about 20 shades of white when 3 guys with shotguns walked up on him. My buddy wanted to beat his a$$ really bad. I talked him out of that, and we got his stand back. We let him know in a not so nice way that if we ever caught him trespassing and stealing stands again it wasnt gonna end so nice. We have never saw him again.
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  10. Ive had a couple stolen from me on my own land i know how it feels Need to get one of them new cameras that have another small base that gets all the pics from the main camera and catch the guy:tsk:
  11. Lots of thieves in that area. Had a guy from Aden's steal a dead head off my porch. Also had a ten point crossbow of my grandpas stollen out of his tree on my my land when he left it there for a break. Know of lots of people in that area that have had hunting cabins broken into there. Funny thing is I know who stole the deer rack from me but what do u do make a big deal out of it and they break in and steal more crap when your not around!
  12. I think me an the old man figure out a way to try an catch this guy. Were gonna put another camera up an then were also gonna put one above it about 30 feet in the tree. An see if the dumb ass comes back an then he's caught. An we were gonna put a camera out that cost more then $250 so it makes it grand larceny. The only thing I don't like is if we don't catch him right away

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  13. Alot of kids ride four wheelers out there and steel any thing thats easy to take...
  14. How much land does the club own? I'v been looking to join a good club... I'm a member of the fur fin and fether club in wetzel county wv... It's about 160 acres..
  15. I would'nt say anything on here he may be reading it and you will never catch him or he will get both of them
  16. They have close to 800 acres.

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  17. It's a really nice club, I've been goin out there since I was born. We have phesant hunts, fishing tournaments an tons of cook outs. There's 4 good lakes to fish in an plenty of land to hunt. Were really tring to start finding guys that trap, I dont think anyone has trapped out there in 10 plus years

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  18. How much is the membership fee? Is there a lifetime non working or a yearly working?