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Stenhouse captures victory in Atlanta

Discussion in 'NASCAR' started by Ohio Outdoor News, Sep 1, 2012.

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    There's an arrest warrant out for Ricky Stenhouse Jr. -- or perhaps there should be -- after the defending NASCAR Nationwide Series champion stole Saturday night's NRA American Warrior 300 at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

  2. maybe they should outlaw throwing the bottles sends a bad message about littering...:D

  3. I carry a plastic bag in my car for the junk that can accumulate, so can they. I don't see a problem with putting trash in a bag at 200 mph, can you? Well I can. Throw the empty bottles in the infield.

    What I'm seeing at these races is no ones in the stands to watch the race. That's what NASCAR should worry about. I watched the Michigan race and it seemed like half the grandstand were empty. I know times are hard up there with double digit unemployment. Maybe they could drop the ticket price or drop the price of food and drinks.

  4. i agree bout no one being there...i guess if it wernt for the cup guys that race nationwide no one would be there...maybe they should go to smaller tracks...but then again these guys will be in cup one day and may need to race at cup tracks...:D
  5. I kind of expect it at the Nationwide race, the Cup race is what I was talkiing about. I'm not sure what the attendence was but it must have been pretty low.

    The Cup guys racing in the lower classes is a draw, at least it is for me. I would show up just to see them race. I have mixed emotions about them racing in those classes. It is a way to rate how well you are doing against the top Cup guys.

    I'll go over to Daytona just to see them lay down a few laps in practice and to set the field.