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Steelers Hs Football

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by getinjiggy, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. My steelers looked like a highschool game! They looked bad! Tenn wasnt much better looking either! I guess we will have to wait til next year! Glenn
  2. I must have watched a different game because the one I watched was very good, hard fought,overtime thriller. They finished liked they started getting beat in the secondary. Hopefully that problem will get fixed this year. All in all I'm happy with them,I didn't think they had it in them to go all the way, just as long as they beat the browns. I'm gonna miss watchin them on sundays.

  3. I was so happy watching the Squeelers lose yesterday..And I love how thier coach pouted after the game with his bottom lip stuck out, I thought he was going to cry.

    I cant wait till next season and if my Browns can get some revenge on the hated team from the east.:D
  4. Anyone else but me just waiting for Bill Cower to either have a stroke or heart al=ttack right there on the field? Being in the medical field, and whatching him he makes me nervous. I dislike the steelers for 2 reasons 1 is him, and 2 is my wife and in laws are all Steelers fans, and they pick on my Bungles, oops I mean Bengals. I admit I'm one of the 3 or 4 fans left.
  5. Tight end ran loose all nite for Tenn. Where were the line backers most of the game? Just not enough speed to cover the young bucks anymore. Without Bell, they're a different team. Ruffin the kicker penalty was iffy at best and seems a lot boils down to homefield advantage. Shame but it happens ALL the time in Pros AND College it seems. One good thought, they solved the QB contraverse---Finally----now it's time to work on the secondary in the next draft!---TF
  6. Mal-----A Bengals fan? Man, you gotta be tough!!-----TF
  7. Your funny Jack.... Your clowns will lose another three times to the steelers. They did look bad , but they will improve next year.;)
  8. "steel curtain" no more!

    FACT: the only reason the "steel curtain" of bradshaw's years was so dominant was that they were the first team to initiate team sanctioned steroid supplementation. wadn't the rooneys, wadnt the coaching... IT WAS DRUGS.

    wonder what kinda of drugs coward is on? notice the deformed cranium and mongoloid face. and does he WHINE! why didn't the HOME BIAS in pitt upset coward last week? cuz his team won?

    FACT: the dude DID IN FACT hit the titan kicker.... it woulda been controversial if it was a personal foul, but it was only a 5 yarder.
  9. Bill Cower is ex Brown player and coach, brownies just mad cause one of ther own beats them as a Steeler. God loves the Steelers LOL
  10. I really didnt care who won cuz my skins suck again this year. I like Cowher for his passion of the game. But he was offbase after the game. Bottom line is .....The guy ran into the kicker....he wasnt blocked into the kicker and the kicker didnt take any extra steps...he just ran into him which is a 5 yard penalty no matter what stadium you are playing in. Lets face it Titans tried to give the game to the Steelers...20 points off turnovers...gimme a break, it shouldnt have been that close.

  11. I thought it was a great game. The Steelers have to get some quality defensive backs they got burned for 2 straight weeks. Kelly Holcomb made them look bad. Cowher and Bettis is the only ones I can stand for the steelers. They wouldn't have even made the playoffs if kordell stewart was still qb. Now if I can get the browns to get rid of Couch and move up in the draft and get Carson Palmer I would be happy.
  12. Ever wonder if it's all bought and paid for? Little bet while the owners are golfing during NFL owners meetings. Maybe a preset schedule. That much $$$ and the questionable play calling, untimely injuries, and poor officiating? Not to say the Steelers got hosed because I watched the game and they botched several opportunities that didn't make scense. Same thing with the Jets against the Raiders. I may be synical but I also know WWF ain't real yet fools buy into their "show". Wonder how many Steelers fans are WWF fans too? By the way, I'm a life long Chiefs fan. they ain't perty, don't do to the playoffs very often but they are a meat and potatoes-blue collar team.
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