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States' Air Quality Rules Tough Enough?

Discussion in 'Outdoor News' started by Hamilton reef, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. I for one say lets share the wealth and let the federal gov pay for some of the problems we have or are contributing to... Down in SE Ohio many people have lost their jobs due to the constraints placed on caol companies. Many plants if not all use coal form out of state to mix with Ohio coal which has too much sulfer in it. Many farmers have lost land they leased to grow hay simply because coal companies need the fields thye were leasing to plant pine trees which allows them to burn coal at higher sulfer rates...
    I agree all states need to help but putting the total burden on states like Ohio is unjust and not fair. In the end all Ohioans pay the price which in turn sooner or later leads to all Americans paying the price. These are the United States and not just when it fits the cause or we'll never be as one.

  2. Air quality is Poor.....The standards need to rise....Just look at all the people with Lung problems now....GEEZ
  3. If you want cleaner air .. just come to SW ohio where I live .. we get E checks for all of are cars before we can get tags .. ever 2 years at a cost of 19.50 .. They fail tons of cars that shouldn't fail .. they failed my Diesel truck 4 times .. in 97 .. it was brand new .. only had 5000 miles on it ... Why, because the 16 year old kids they have running the place didn't know how to operate the machine .. it went through 2 times in one day, back the next day where it failed 2 more times ..... So I went to another checking station explained the prob ... Passed, they said the other place has always had problems. If you can't get your car to pass .. then you just show $200 worth of repairs and it passes reguardles of the emissions .. Bottom line, you can get your tags no matter how bad your car pollutes for $200 plus tags .. Kinda sounds like a money scam don't it. .. But wait, we can't cut our grass in the summer during certain times because of emission and an Air Index... What about big companies .. we have smoke stacks rolling 24/7 ... but they are exempt .. Give me a break.. They want the people that can barely get by to pay for all the expenses.. E check failed so miserably that it was totally done away with for almost 2 years then opened back up to the SOS. These people with lung problems need lay off the cigarettes and get out of my pocket.. This month alone I had to get tags for my vehicles .. cost me $80 alone just in E check, not to mention the time and gas going back and forth.. Take a drive in to an industrial city and look at the air .. its horrible, but its the cars that get the blame .. you can smell the different companies and pick them out by their odor. I would say that one company puts more pollutants into the air than a million cars ... They just violate the law and pay the fines because its cheaper than fixing the problem ... but people like you and I are denied licenses because E check falsely says are cars pollute.. If they want to clean something up they need to start getting on the waste facilites ... its a sad site to see toilet paper and human excrement flowing down the river where you are fishing.. Big city sewer systems were designed in the 1800s ... they kept building over top of them to the point its now impossibe to fix them so they divert it into the waterways .... In short I say the air standards are plenty tough enough for poor people like you and I ... its the others I am not so sure about ...
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