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Stand setups

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by slugger95, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. I just got permission from a farmer who owns a 25 acre woods that is thick with only a deer can get into it. There are several soybean and one cornfield around it each seperated by many treelines. would it be best to hunt the treeline or is there a way to hunt that thick stuff? The deer population is great now, seen a good 12 pointer actually but i know once the season starts they hide in the brush and dont come out. Any help on how to hunt this would be much appreciated
  2. absolutly do not go in there!!! thats there safe place. if you go in that small patch of woods, you may not see anymore deer in there the rest of the season. only hunt the edges. sounds like it may only be an evening spot. just play the wind and hunt the edges. but whatever you do stay out of there.

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  4. Hunt the edge of that suff wherever trails are coming out, if you get high enough you can see down into that jungle I have the exact same type of grounds to hunt

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  5. Congrats. Don't eff it up, either by going in there or with the farmer. Play it cool this year and take advice from earlier posts but by all means use this first year to educate yourself. Who knows, you can still land that stud and/or another. Good luck. Oh, also those deer will come out. That 12 point might not very much but I'm sure his manhood will win out and he will chase a doe in the rut.
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  6. totally agree stay out of the thicket hunt the edges the corn will pay off more during the rut than the soybeans. most important hunt the wind if the wind is wrong dont hunt it
  7. find the trails to the crop fields...if you can get up in a stand from a distance or can glass the might get lucky and see the big boy moving to feed ...but i'd be setting up somewhere in between with a west wind in the early season a south facing stand is ok too...according to how much cover there is between the crops and the thick stuff would dictate to me how close i'd be to the beds...distance i'm guessing cant be far on 25 acres...i think i'd set up half way on trails...if theyre using the tree line there should be a trail to show that...many times i find with cornfields smart deer bed very close to it that causes all kinds of problems in early season...but when the rut comes...just be on those trails every day all for big tree rubs and scrapes as the rut approaches...try to have as much cover as you can in your stand to hide you...young deer are hard enough to fool but a big boy will see you if you blink an eye...same with noise...good luck...:biggrin:
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  8. Agree with most of the other posts, if you go in the thick stuff, you're not doing yourself any favors.

    When hunting the trails between the beds and the food, try to keep the wind in your favor as you walk in and out of your stand location. As much as the wind helps or hurts you while you're on stand, it helps or hurts you as you approach and leave.

    Good luck!
  9. If possible, next spring/summer, I'd make some access trails into there. That will open up a lot more stand options for next season. You don't need heavy machinery to do this. With a little effort you can accomplish alot with a weed whacker with a cutting blade and a sprayer with roundup.
  10. Thank you guys for all the helpful replies. I just put a stand up in the corner of a soybean field where i can see a deer trail going into the woods at about 30 yards. I saw three does walking down it followed by a small 8 last week so I put it up right at that spot. Got permission to hunt woods adjacent to the property and put a second Stand up in a clearing with at least 5 trails leading back into the thick brush
  11. So these setups should be evening only?
  12. The only reason I said it sounds like an evening spot is because the way you described it, there would be no way to intercept the deer going from fields back to bed without blowing them out of there.
  13. Dont over hunt the same stand.:tsk: Very important. The biggest mistake hunters make. Go in early for evening hunts. Make sure the wind is perfect. If you get caught and bust a deer, let it rest a week.
  14. Over hunt? I hunted the same stand about 95% of the time last year. I hunted hard too, averaged less than a day off a week from beginning of season till end. And a saw a ton of deer.

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  15. How many mature bucks did u kill from it ?

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  16. 0. had 2 mature bucks in range, and a ton of bucks I let walk. 1 came by 5-6 times dogging a doe just in 1 day. Got too picky and ended up eating my buck tag. Not gonna shoot at anything if it's not what I deem a perfect shot ( angle, moving, ect) Was never busted, not one of the deer I seen ever knew I was there, besides the does I shot lol. For what it's worth,I use 0 scent control. Never have, prob never will.

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  17. Two words I live by: Scent Control!!! Learn this and i bet your success will increase

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  18. Glad it works for ya, I don't need it where I hunt. And that's a whole other topic that's been worn out over and over on here. Sorry I got this thread off topic.

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  19. I hunt urban where scent isn't huge and I hunt use to hunt one stand a lot.. I started using scent control+leaving my hunting cloths in a barn I also started to hunt other stands and my mature buck kill's and sightings have gone why up.