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Stages of my food plot and shooting house

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by nis1, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. A buddy of mine and I got to talking one night and decided to make a food plot this year. I have 8 acres in an urban zone. There are lots of deer, including some monster bucks, but it seems like the majority of the big ones are always on the move. We have high hopes that this new food source will help to hold the deer in our area a little more. The progression is kind of cool so far so I wanted to share. Ill post another pic in a couple weeks when the plot starts growing. Also, you should be able to see the beginnings of our shooting house in the corner. Today I set the main poles, I'll post a close up and more pictures as it progresses.

    step 1.jpg

    step 2.jpg

    step 3.jpg
  2. keep posting updates looks like a nice little project, how big is the actual plot going to be?

  3. It's 44 yards long and 30 yards wide. If my calculations are correct it comes out to be about .3 acres. It seems a lot bigger though.

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  4. nice all you need is a little Antler King Honey Hole and watch them come
  5. I ended up planting it with a combination of plot spike mixed blend, throw n grow, and a late season blend, can't remember the name of it, snow peaz I think.

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  6. here is 1 of the 4 fields of Honey Hole we have out...stuff grows like weeds...and the tonnage of food you will have can't be beat..this particular field was planted about 4 weeks ago

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  7. Looks to me like standard rape and turnips... like these at 2.5 weeks of growth. I think I will keep buying at $12/acre, instead of $20/ half acre.... of course I am sure 333% markup buys seed genetically engineered to grow racks twice the size!

    This is plain:
    2# Purple Top Turnips
    2# Dwarf Essex Rape
    1# Appin Turnips
    2.5# Groundhog Radish


    Disclaimer: this is not a personal attack and please don't take it that way, just letting everyone know there are options besides paying for Buck on Bag seed as long as you have a farm store or coop nearby!
  8. Looking for the like button on facebook! haha nice post,and very true!

    If you are doing a very small plot it might not be worth the extra drive time, but if your doing several acres of plots id really consider a co-op like brownie said.
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    Even if only doing small acreages if you have a co-op close by it is still worth buying the farm store seed. Nobody should be paying more than $2-3 a pound for brassica seed.
  10. Like I said, I'm in an urban zone and sadly enough the only place around that carried seed closed up about five years ago. On a lighter note, I had a visitor out checking out my construction this morning. not the greatest photo quality because she was a ways out.

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  11. Here is sort of a shooting house update/close up. we hope to get some more support beams and the flooring on it tomorrow so if that happens I'll post another picture then.

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  12. Getting visitors already.



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  13. If that plot is in Tusc county, I'm surprised the deer let it get that high. Every brassica, rape, turnip etc. plot I put in there doesn't make it to four inches. It looks great, as does brownie's.
  14. Just trying to help push the Antler King Product...thats all...don't think there is anything wrong with that...I know you can grow great food plots by buying seed at local co-ops...Antler King is more expensive but it is still a good trusted product...