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St. Croix ?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by Lundy43123, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. Need a little help.

    I have been pretty loyal to Shimano and Loomis when it comes to fishing rods.

    I have a business trip planned through Michigan next week and my vehicle goes into auto steer mode direct to Cabelas anytime I'm within 100 miles of that place.

    I am considering trying a St Croix rod for the first time. I am looking for a light weight 6- 1/2' fairly stiff butt section with a fairly fast tip. This will be used primarily casting for smallmouth in Erie. The flex point must be towards the middle of the rod, any lower and you just can't put any leverage on the big smallmouth in high wind and good size waves.

    Any suggestions on Models for me to look at next week?

    Wasn't there some guy on on here that talked a lot about st. Croix rods?

  2. Hey Kim

    The only St Croix rod that I had was a fly rod. I have 2 rods that sound very close to what you are looking at. 1 is a Fenwick I cant think of which model and believe it or not the other is a FLW walmart tour rod. Truth be known that walmart rod is one of my personal favorites lol. Sorry I coulnd help much on the St Croix brand but you may want to look at some fenwicks while you are there and I dont know if Cabelas handles these rods or not but they are called lamiglass. I picked up one while in Oregon on vacation made by a local company there. Awesome rods most of the Oregon poeople I fished with while there swore up and down they were as good as loomis. Catch some fish for me :)

  3. Kim ..I love my St.Croixs.
    I have the Premier series as well as the Avid Series.
    Great rods..Check out the Avid series in medium action.
    Very sensitive and lots of backbone.
  4. yea.....

    models to look at..depends on how much ya want to spend?
    Starting from the top...the Legend Elite is thier top dog, running $260-$300.
    Avid series is the nest step down, awsome rods, running $120-$160 for the sizes you want.
    Premier series run $80-$100 and are a very sweet rod.
    They all come in many actions from x-fast, to moderate and 1 or 2 pcs.
    The times i fished Erie for smallies throwing tubes along Kelly's we were in 15-20ft of water mostly and i was using a 7'6" one pcs. St. Croix Tidemaster Inshore fast action rated for 8-17lb test and up to 3/4 oz. the longer rod help me set the hook in deep water, plus play the fish out right cause of lots of backbone in the rod(i was using 8lb test line).

    Check out those St. Croixs Kim, i think you'll like them a lot, tons of models, actions, lengths and price ranges to choose from.
    Good luck,
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  5. Thanks for the info.

    It looks like I will be checking out the Avid's

    I still really like my Loomis rods, but I'm always open to try something new, especially when I've nothing but good things about them.

    I'm probably going to get a new Shimano Sustain to match up with the new rod. I just might have a new favorite outfit.

    thanks again,
  6. It's great to have the local St Croix salesman around....LOL:D :D
  7. Kim

    If you like the GLoomis rods, then you'll like the Croix's as well too...

    "new Shimano Sustain to match up with the new rod. I just might have a new favorite outfit"...Kim
    ;) :D your talkin buddy!

    Hey i take it you use Shimano reels a lot too?
  8. Desperado... if i only got my dealers license..i could hook up my fishing buddys with great deals..;) ..naw i know what your thinking.."if he had a St. Croix dealers license he'd just hog them all to himself?"....yea your probably right :eek: ;) :cool:
  9. True, you would let anybody in the store. You would only let them window shop...LOL:D
  10. St. Croix

    I like them, but I don't have any for the type fishing you're talking about. I do have several of their surf rods matched with Ahab reels. I also have several musky rods I use for catfishing, 3 Premiers & 1 Avid and a classic cat rod. I have a wild river salmon rod ( 8' 6") that is very versital, can handle 3/8 jigs up to 2 oz spoons as well. I'm well pleased with all of them. I think you'll be pleased too, if not, I'll take it off your hands at a very deep discount !!!
    :D :D ;) :eek:
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  11. Jim you are back, how did the fishing go?