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Squirrel or rabbit your best dish??????

Discussion in 'Wild Game Recipes' started by bowkills, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Just want your number 1 with either game. What I'very been doing with a few depending on age/sex is pressure cooking for awhile before frying or whatever recipe I'm using. Floured browned and baked in favorite cream sauce is general number 1. What's ur number 1?
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  3. Ingredients:2-3 rabbits, quartered.
    One 8 ounce container of sour cream
    One can of Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup
    One 6 ounce box of stovetop stuffing mix
    Boil the rabbit quarters until the meat is tender enough to fall from the bones. Discard all of the bones and put the meat in the bottom of a cassarole dish. Now mix the cream of mushroom soup and the sour cream together then spread evenly over the rabbit meat. Do not add water to the soup! Now follow the directions to cook the stuffing on the stovetop...then put the stuffing on top of the mushroom/sour cream mixture. Place cassarole dish in oven and bake at 350 for 45 minutes to an hour. When you scoop out the finished product and put it on a plate, the stuffing will be on the bottom of the plate and the rabbit meat will be on top with the mushroom/sour cream gravy covering it all. Salt and pepper to taste. If you want, you can substitute the stuffing with bisquick biscuit mix.
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  4. Dang. Put 6 beers on top sounds like a coma to me!!!!!!! Yum.
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  5. Brown squirrels in seasoned flour. Drain on paper towels. Layer in a baking dish. Add a can of rotell and half a can of water. Season with Cajun seasoning(we like Slap Ya seal pan with foil. Bake 3 hrs. Serve over rice.
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  6. I use this for my rabbits.
    Place olive oil in a cast iron skillet. Flour, salt and pepper rabbit pieces then brown in hot oil for about 5 min per side. Put in a glass casserole baking dish with a glass cover(Corningware). Chop a sweet onion into tiny pieces and cook in the remaining oil until soft. Add 1 large can of Italian spiced chopped tomatoes and enough basil and oregano to cover the tomatoes. Also add a cup or so of red wine(I use Lambrusco). Stir often until it boils. Pour over rabbit. Put in oven @ 350 degrees and bake for 2hrs.
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  7. Squirrel #1 is Squirrel enchiladas. Follow the link to my blog article I wrote. I've been doing it a little bit different lately and just using sour cream as the base instead of a mix of sour cream and cream of chicken soup.

    Oh and if you go on the link to my other blog post about How to Eat a Squirrel, I crockpot my squirrels a little different too. Well really the only difference is time. I almost always cook the squirrels in water and veggies for around 20-24 hours. That ensures the meat is falling off the bone. I reserve the liquid, strain it and freeze in pint containers. Squirrel broth makes wonderful gravy or addition to other recipes that call for broth.


    Rabbit # 1 used to a baked rabbit recipe but rabbit burgers have quickly surpassed it. I debone, grind the rabbit with just a little bit of bacon (no more than 1-2 slices per rabbit), season and grill.

  8. So blue bird do u have any more goodies to show us?????? I look to u for my chef of wild game meals....I'm feeling a hare or squirrel in my hands on a lunchbreak b4 the weekend if it stops raining!!!!
  9. I'm all for the new recipes using the meat in new dishes but the old school slow cooker gravy is hard to beat in winter months!!!!
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  10. My dad always made a killer squirrel paprikash. We just don't get out much any more but I we always had that growing up.
  11. Pop a 1/2 dozen squirrels and dress 'em out.
    Save the forelegs for "weekend wings."
    Discard the ribs.
    Throw in a slow cooker with:
    Quartered onion;
    Handful of celery tops;
    4 carrots chunked up;
    4 pepper corns; and,
    Cover with water.
    Cook until the meat easily comes off the bone (like 6 hours).
    Cool the meat until you can comfortably handle it.
    De-bone all the meat (easier when still warm).
    Use a pair of forks to "pull" the meat apart.
    Season the "pulled" meat with your favorite sauce/s: BBQ, hot, etc.
    Serve on bugger buns either warm or cold.
    Discard the veggies in the slow cooker, but strain and save the liquid for stock.

    Rabbit meat works, too, but squirrel meat is sweeter.
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  12. These are meals I take to spring & fall turkey camps.

    The chowder is without a doubt Numero Uno. I have to make sure I set some aside for myself before I turn the "savages" loose or it's gone!! My buddy's wife gets a special starter batch every time I go there.

    Number 2 is more of a toss up between the picadillo (Cuban) & the cacciatore (Italian).

    The jambalaya was OK but I don't think I'll make it again. It just wasn't as good as Cajun jambalaya.
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  13. Man, that one fox squirrel is the Andre the giant of the squirrel world! He’s huge!
  14. Added one more. Started at 11. All males only one good fryer age I think. I passed on another huge male close range. I saw more than i shot. My .22 is making me very happy compared to last year's misses. Break in I guess. I shot and wounded one squirrel threw the nose but I was lucky to get him 20 mins later in the same tree. That's a 1st. Great last day..... 20180131_144917.jpg
  15. That's how u make bucks look huge close up pic haha
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  16. I made this with the bushy tails. This is a repeat for me. Hearty goodness. Thanks for the recipe. Kind of a Thanksgiving meal on the supper bowl...thanks
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  17. You’re very welcome! Glad you liked it. I’ve copied a couple of recipes from here also that I can’t wait to try.
  18. I almost clocked 2 rabbits with the 22 tonight whend I went back to the woods. I'm seeingbthe same ones day after day so they r becoming pet like. Should I whack the small or big one?? Small and tender or more meat I don't know. I might refrain from killing in the front part of my place because of seeing my friends haha!!!!!!!!!!
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