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Spring valley area

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Anyone ever try fishing the little Miami river in the spring valley area ? iv drove over it a few times on my way to the range and it looks fairly deep..?. thinking about grabbing a dozen minnows and trying it out tomorrow
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Never fished there, just deer hunting. Let us know how it is- I've wondered the same thing.
spring valley lmr

2 buddies and myself have those personal pontoon river boats and we floated 5 miles of the lmr from where roxanna new burlington crosses over it there at the spring valley public hunting land down to waynesville, it was a nine hour float and we threw everything from farm pond sized buzz baits,soft plastic worms, grubs and tubes, rapala's cranks, spinnerbaits, roostertails and we only caught 3 under 14"...kind of disappointing. Thats not to say they aren't in there. It looked like smallie heaven but they just weren't hitting. We are planning on floating it again so i will let you know.
Hi mvmattv,
I also never tried to fishing there... The Little Miami River is a Class I tributary of the Ohio River that flows 111 miles through five counties in southwestern Ohio in the United States.... The Little Miami joins the Ohio River east of Cincinnati..... It forms parts of the borders between Hamilton and Clermont counties and between Hamilton and Warren counties.... The Little Miami River is one of 156 American rivers designated by the U.S. Congress or the Secretary of the Interior as a National Wild and Scenic River and lends its name to the adjacent Little Miami Scenic Trail.... But someone said to me The Little Miami River is home to at least 87 species of fish, as well as many species of turtles, frogs, water snakes, birds, mammals and invertebrates.... The river contains 36 species of mussels, including two threatened species, one of which is endangered.... Ohio considers five of the species to be endangered.... Recently, Zebra mussels and Asiatic clams have crowded out native species.
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