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As January and the new year comes and goes, and I'm catching coyote in my leg holds, in the back of my mind something is buzzing with anticipation. That something is the sheer desire for springtime. Along with the good weather, and mid-day showers the one thing I can't wait for is the early morning thunder of a mature gobble. The sign that the boss Tom is ready to fly down and claim his territory, take his hens, and fight off anybody who try's to invade.

When I climb out of bed on opening day and get ready to chase the birds, I know my stomach will have butterflies, my head will be filled with every scenario that could possibly happen during my hunt. When I get settled on the ground or in my blind I know I'll find peace in the awaking of the early morning spring wildlife. I Know that I will be relaxed and enjoying the beautiful view of the pretty Ohio sun rising when what I've been waiting for since January will happen. Spring thunder will below from the top of an oak tree that holds a roost limb for the boss Tom. The sound will electrify my body. Then the challenge will begin. The challenge of calling him in, which is failed more times that passed by hunters.

Whatever happens this season I know that I will make life long memories and enjoy every second of it. Turkey hunting is filled with its peaks and valleys. The secret is you just have to find a way to enjoy the valleys, as much as you enjoy the peaks. To whoever decides to accept the challenge and go after the turkeys this year, I wish you the best of luck!

Apr 2, 2015

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