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spotted while glassing!

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by tag-soup, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. looking for opinions!
    I got a call that there were a few nice bucks in a field i hunt. I hurried up there to get a peek! When i got there the deer had made their way a little futher out into to field so I had to go around the back of the barn to see them. When i got around he barn and the bi-nocs up, the deer turned and ran off! They were over about 150 yrds away when they turned and ran! Did i screw it up for this weekend? the field was corn and just cut today!:irked:
  2. 150 yards away and you were near your barn, I say no big deal. Now if you busted em out of their beds that would be different. Good luck this season!

  3. i'd think deer would be used to people around the barn if its still being should be ok...:D
  4. I would say you ran them to Ben and Brians grounds. Lol,them deer ain't gone they will be back.

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  5. lol, my farming neighbor wishes it was that easy to get rid of em.
  6. thanks for making me feel better!:thumbs_up:
  7. u sound like a rookie hunter:confused:
  8. And you sound like a rookie poster:tsk:
  9. Yep.

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  10. Obviously, because us 'vets' have never tried to get a better view of a good buck, even when we knew it might be 'against best judgement'. A 150 yard 'bump' probably isn't too much too worry about. Agree with others that he'll stick around. If not, fortunately, more like him are out there.

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  11. You should be fine, good luck.
  12. this will be my 4th season hunting! I have put alot into this sport and try to gather as much info from others as I can. From what I hear even a 20+yr hunter can make the same mistakes as a rookie! Consider me a rookie I don't care everybody has to start somewhere! I have had a sucessful hunting career so far. Doe my first yr, decent Buck, and 2 does my second yr and a doe last yr. I shot a nice buck last yr but passed through the brisket! I must be doing something right. And I must add that i have a great fellow hunter and a good friend helping me along. "thanks Steve":) And thanks to the others that have given me positive feed back!
  13. You don't have to prove anything to these guys. You ask for opinions sorry but there will always be an a$$ in the bunch. I don't care if you have ever filled a tag but you have done great in my opinion. The main thing is that you are doing what you enjoy. Some people just don't get it. There are to many good people on here to worry about the bad few. Enjoy your season. Dash

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  14. Gay, last season didn't you get a two for one? Tell us the story lol
  15. like dash said there is always a a## in the bunch denis
  16. Dude! My apologies...i meant to quote the one that said rookie poster, not rookie hunter. I am so sorry man!! I didnt realize I quoted the wrong one.

    150 yard jump from an open field isnt going to hurt you. With the field having just been cut, they havent gotten used to the activity at the barn being in their line of sight. Give it a week and they wont even glance at you making noise at the barn.

    Once again, my apologies.

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  17. its ok! Allmee and i went back the next night and sat in a tree row to scout the same field. to my luck 7 does and the same 2 bucks + 2 new smaller bucks! :) the two junk bucks actually got to push each other around with some antler bangn just to the right of us!

  18. Dang it JB, I finally had something worth quoting and you gave it to the wrong guy! Too funny man. I had to do it because I thought his comment was unnecessary.
  19. Haha!

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