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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by LakeRaider, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. Anybody out there own one? We bought some property that has a sportsbar and grill currently operating in one of the buildings and their lease is up in 6 months. Thinking about keeping it as a sportsbar with a hunting and fishing theme. It currently has a boating theme.Good idea or bad? Give me some input and ideas please. LakeRaider:""
  2. Where is it located. I don't go out drinking but may visit if it is in my neck of the woods:)

  3. hey Buckrun, if it's in our neck of the woods I've got the first round.
  4. Raider, most of those around here use racing theme but I do know of one that has a hunting theme. They have mounts overlooking the sitting area, and old rods and reels I dont think I would put anything up that you cherish due to the fact, of the smoke buildup. It will make everything look bad after time. Unless you plan on wiping things down alot! Glenn
  5. Mal
    I figure it is probally up at lake Erie. But I could be just about anywhere. Where are you located in Delphos? Do you know where Sharp Shooter Supply is? Do they have a store or are they just mail order?

    I just bought a Savage 93R17 .17 HRM. I will be doing a trigger job and mounting a Leupold 4-12x40 AO scope on it today. Can't wait to see how it shoots.
  6. Your right getinjiggy ...

    My L-Bass mount was on loan to Acheson's Resort here at IL for 3yrs .. It about took a Ultra-Sonic cleaner to bring it back to life when we brought it home a year or so ago. Besides the bar smoke, the Friday nite fish frys don't help the stuffed fish much!!
    :eek: :rolleyes: :p
  7. is located in Harrison,Ohio. Also considering turning it into a marine dealership since its close to I-74 @ I-275. LakeRaider:""
  8. Have a beer while you shop for a boat...It could happen. :D
  9. FREE

    NITROUS refills with every tune up. Hahahhaha!! LakeRaider""
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  10. Hey Buckrun, I know they have a small shop out on I think Lehman rd. I have never been there, just past it.
  11. LakeRaider you gonna sell Allisons there? They can have a few drinks before you take them for THE test ride.;)
  12. Mal
    I'll have to check them out. There are not any gun shops in Lima any more.
  13. Alley's

    Allison is outa our league. They don't sell on consignment. However Skeeter is up for grabs right now so thats a possibility. And since I'm a diehard Skeeter man I would love to have a shot at those. Bought my first Skeeter in 1984. Still have a 1989 SF175 Diamond edition with a Yamaha ProV 150 (I sware its stock) lol on the bottle. Yammer from Canada did the heads and carbs. Brucato custom intake and reeds. Jay Smith ultralite flywheel. Jay Smith crank and rods. Chrome cylinder bores. Cut the exhaust tuner 3 inches but left the exhaust leg closed to keep it quiet. Yamaha thru the barrel drag prop. 27 in. Painted everything to match so it looks stock. Its basically a stage 3 kit less the dual plug heads(don't need them) and offshore exhaust. Dynoed 236 hp. at 7400 rpm without the squeez. Yep, I sware its stock. Hope this one stays together this year. LakeRaider:""
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  14. Hey Buckrun

    Check out Lima Outfitters on Robb ave. Dan Reiff has a small gun shop in there. I'm not sure what all he has, and how his prices are.
  15. Mal
    I went there today on an extended lunch. He had to order the extra high Weaver mounts. I was glad to hear him order 2 extra sets so he will have them on hand. I bought the .17 from him on last Saturday. I thought I had rings at home that would work but didn't. I will pick up the new rings this Saturday after I go to the Lima gun show.
  16. A Hunters and Fishermens paradice!!

    That sounds like a good idea.....Have wall mounts all over the bar...Have the outdoors network playin on TV.....Have it like a club with membership....That would be cool!!:cool: