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Speed VS. Kinetic Energy

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by Boone, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. I shoot an arrow that is a table or 2 lighter in most charts

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  2. I shoot the arrow that the chart says I should for my setup

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  3. I shoot an arrow that is a table or 2 heavier in most charts

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  1. Ok guys, here is a little debate for yall. What is more important speed from a lighter and faster arrow or the knock down power of a heavier arrow??? who shoots a bracket or 2 heavier than what the charts say you should?? Who shoots a bracket or 2 lighter than they should according to the arrow charts??? So please explain, is a lighter arrow that goes faster, thats easier to estimate distance (less pins) better for hunting, or is the heavier arrow better for a pass through or knock down power.
  2. This is a question That I asked earlier in the year. With that being said I am shooting an arrow that is 395gr. IBO is 315G.P.INCH So I am shooting an arrow that is heavier than the charts. It is the same arrow that I have been shooting at all the 3-d shoots that I shot, so I am accustom to the drop but it still shoots flat enough that am not to far off on yardage. It still has good knock down power. I have a few friends that shoot IBO but they have lost quit a few deer. I lost one last year also...:mad:

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    Shooting heavier, like the added punch, and heavier arrows have always been easier to tune. I very seldom shoot beyond 30 yards and at that range the difference in trajectory is very minimal.
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  5. I like an arrow that is a table heavier myself, and if not that, at least the weight it specifies.....i don't care much for lighter myself, as these new bows they have today have plenty of speed behind them, jmo...but i won't shun the ones who shoot lighter either, I'm just curious to see what the majority shoots. come on and vote yawl :)
  6. It's not a trade off. Arrows don't lose their weight but they sure do lose their speed.......and quickly.
  7. I shoot whatever arrow I need to in order to get a spine match and a speed of 270-290fps....Depending on the make/model bow that arrow WEIGHT and spine might vary..You might want to consider momentum numbers more so then kinetic energy if your looking for punch on impact
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  8. Why?
  9. I'm shooting the 2012 PSE Evo 7 at 70 lbs. 29 inch dl and I am shooting The easton Axis 340 spine. at 9.5 grains per thats a tough arrow seems like
  10. loose seed - loose energy
  11. :bouncy: little typo there :bouncy:
  12. Those who live in glass houses.........
  13. LOOSE SPEED - LOOSE ENERGY :whistle::whistle:

    If anyone really wants the answer - you would have to chrony your arrows speed and then weight the arrows and calculate the energy.
    If you did that for several different arrow weights that shot well from your bow you would have the answer.

    It would be interesting to see the results on a graph.
  14. If you take a bow rated at say 316 fps IBO..28.5in an 60lb DW

    Shooting a 310grain arrow will give ya 56lb KE and shooting a 550grain will give ya 56lb KE(albeit 70fps of so difference in arrow speeds)..But the momentum numbers are drastically different.....
  15. To be honest I really dont care. Every deer I've shot has went no more then 50 yards and died. If I shot a faster or slower or heavier arrow really don't think they would be any more dead

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  16. Yep - go with what works for you and what you have confidence in - :whistle::mischeif:
  17. A lot of the reading I have done say's that when hunting you should at least shoot a 400 grain arrow... But if you shoot a lighter arrow at a faster speed you get somewhat the same KE. I just bought some new cheaper arrows that weigh in at 362 Grains with tips. The speed of my bow is around 305. My question is 362 should be good to go. It will shoot flat (less Yardage mistakes) and is still pushing 74lb's of KE.