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Southern Ohio Ice...

Discussion in 'Ice Fishing Ohio' started by BuckeyeTom, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. Checked a Jackson Co. farm pond yesterday (1-15-03) morning. Only two inches of ice. Not safe enough to get where I needed to be. I tried fishing about 20' off the bank, but no results!

    Lake Rupert was almost completely froze over except by the 683 bridge. Lake Alma was completely covered. Won't be long!

    Last night the thermometers were reading 4 and 6 when I got home. That should've built some ice.

    Anybody here that icefishes Lake Snowden or Lake Logan? If so, I'm game for company!

    Good fishing guys and be safe!
  2. UPDATE!

    Ice anglers on Lake Rupert and Lake Alma the past two days(1-18-03/1-19-03). Results? Checked the ice myself and it's a solid 3-4inches now. Heading to a farm pond in a bit!

    P.S. Down's bait and tackle in Logan and Bidwell Bait and tackle in Bidwell are stocked with bait! They also have some ice angling equipment!

    Be careful out there!

  3. hey buckeye tom

    I went to a small pond (landmark church) just to see how thick the ice was. I am not really a ice fisher but the ice was 2 1/2 to 3 inches thick. good luck to you. By the way have you ever caught a muskie through the ice?
  4. Gunner70--

    I'm not much of an ice fishermen either. The farm pond ice is funny here. It's a solid 3inches but when I walk on it just is'nt right? I can't get up the nerve to go all the way out on it. Have a feeling I'd go in! The funny thing is Lake Alma is the same thickness, but very safe! We've been icefishing it for a couple days. Seen others on it since Saturday!

    Never tried muskie through the ice. I'm sure it could be done with some nice size live bait. The places I muskie fish(Streams mostly) are not safe to walk on. Always been taught not to walk on moving water. Now maybe a Salt Fork/Piedmont(lake) type setting it could be done. The majority of muskie anglers frown on live baiting muskie. The reason why is because most live bait rigs for muskie have a stinger type hook that has a treble hook. Chances of hurting them are increased. I have an idea that I think will work I'll prolly try it out this spring. Big 10 ought circle hooks baited with very big shad/suckers/chubs. I believe if you really were careful and paid attention to your rigs that it would be a safe way of catching them. We catfish with those circles and very seldom do you get a deep hookset! I do have some pics of muskie laying beside ice when the banks had ice on em and we were crazy enough to chase em!

    Guys the Lake Alma trout are cooperating! The people in the North country would laugh a these, but under the ice on an ice rod and two lbs. test = FUN!;)
  5. Here are the pics...

    my biggest so far...[​IMG]
  6. here's a limit...

    from yesterday! [​IMG]
  7. Tom, I am impressed, way to go!...Man you look cold:D
  8. Howdy and thanks- Jack!

    Cold it was! That wind is a pain. With the temps. 6 last night, high of 15 tomorrow, 0 tomorrow night the ice is only getting thicker!

    How bout it wildman! You game for the ice?;)
  9. A big freakin heck NO Tom my man:D :D However I may try for some channels next weekend, suppose to warm up next week to the 40's, my spot in paint will not freez!
  10. WOW..............that's awesome BT. I'm thinking about going out on the pond Friday for some bluegills and cats. Just need to get an auger. Does anyone know where I can get one cheap?
  11. Auger

    If you have any Meijers or something around, I believe I saw them there for @ $40.00. Sometimes army surplus store that carry hunting fishing gear will have them. Also Wal-mart typically will have them as well. Get out the phone book and call 'em all so ya don't have to drive all over heck and back. Replacement blades are $20.00 for most manual augers. Good Luck.
  12. Good luck...

    to Jack on the catfish next week, and bottom bouncer good luck on the ice. An axe is what I use! Little louder than an auger, but just cut your holes then go get your stuff. By the time you get settled in fishing everything is back to normal.

    P.S. If the ice gets real thick, it is hard work getting through it with an axe. Right now I'd guess it's 4+".
  13. mine is atleast 5" now............the ice i'm talking about :p

    I was using the claw end of a hammer to chip away at it, sometimes I would hear the ice pop. I have and axe, I'll give it a try.
  14. That's about all I have anyway,lol...

    referring to BB's joke!:D

    We we're back out yesterday and will be out today and tomorrow. I'll be between Lake Alma,Lake Rupert, possibly a farmpond? Ice here is between 5-6".

    Here are some pics!

    Yesterday's catch! Would've included a nice channel cat, but my partner decided to grab the line. 2lbs. test--There is no room for error,lol. Gonna convert to 4lbs. test.[​IMG]
  15. I just put some new 4lb. on last night. What are the trout hitting on?
  16. Wax worms and minnows...

    also try putting a little bit of cracker crumbs in your hole to chum them.
  17. Well, you just answered my next question!
  18. Yesterday's group--

    Lake Ama trout again...
  19. This was 21...

    ended up with our limit 25, even threw a few back!
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