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Today's "Morning Joe" was a look at past Presidents including a look at those that appear on Mt. Rushmore. I noticed that two of the four were Republicans and that both were Progressives. Roosevelt even went as far as starting the Bull Moose Party when Taft's Conservatives took over the Party.

History generally hasn't been kind to ultra-conservatives except for Reagan whose legacy still needs to pass the test of time and is even now only revered by PART of the public.

The point is... major advancements of our nation have come from people who looked ahead and led the country to bigger and brighter days. Those who have clung to the status quo and conservatism have largely been thought of as just dead weight.

We can be better than we are or we can just stay where we are now. Sadly, my Party is about to nominate one of those who wants to stay where we are.

I, therefore, call upon my fellow Republicans to demand that our convention draft a BETTER nominee that can think ahead and not behind. That we INSIST that "progress" be a central part of our Party's platform and we tell the "do nothing" minority to go back into their dark corner and let the work that needs to be done... be done.

Romney is neither a Lincoln, a Roosevelt, or even an Eisenhower. He's not even a Taft. He's just NOT what we need to represent the Grand Ol' Party.
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