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Some Help Please

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by zfish, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. Hey guys I would like some advise or thoughts on this situation. Ive been hunting these grounds for the last 6 years and I always have problems this time of year. Although I have 2 deer already this year Im still trying to put my nephew on one. Ive been out and done a little hunting since early bow and gun season but I have a lot of trouble after gun season. Once again I did find a dead deer. A 3pt buck this time (the 2nd dead deer Ive found within a month) They were big deer but you can tell they were from spring last year.
    Neither deer could I find a bullet hole or an arrow however it does look like coyotes maybe have been stalking the deer. The one I found today looks like it was laying down when it was attacked but I could be wrong. If I have time to get out tomorrow I will take the camra and get a pic. This is also my turkey grounds and althought the deer and turkeys have been good the last couple years I have seen a decline in rabbits.
    I dont know some of the smaller animal tracks and things and was also wondering if anyone hunted coyotes in this part of the state? Id love to get rid of some of them. I have heard them shortly after dark howling and yipping. Thanks guys
  2. Sounds like you need to find a local trapper to come in and take out quite a few coyotes and most of the wildlife will start returning. It happens all over the state and people won't let trappers on the land and the coyotes take over. Then they wonder why the wildlife is disappearing. :(

  3. Yeah

    I thought about giving trapping a try.. On the other hand Id I have seen a couple post about coyotes and to get a sqeaker toy from a dog and use it.. Id like to hunt some that way too
  4. I can teach you to catch them if you really want to try to trap them out.;)
  5. Desperado

    That would be great if you could teach me. Id love to restore the habitat to what it was a year or 2 ago. When I do see my turkeys I see a ton of them but they are getting more rare to see on this property they have been staying more on an ajoining property which I still have permission to hunt but thas besides the point. In return I can get you in either some spring or fall turkeys. :)
  6. You have a deal!! C'mon spring turkeys!! lol:D ;) Let me know when you want to hook up.;)
  7. Sounds like a deal

    Im game for whenever but for the turkeys to show up we have to get rid of some of the coyotes :) Dont forget to show me this bowfishing stuff you are always talkin about
  8. Could you invite some people in that hunts yotes, and let them thin them out?
  9. Flathunter

    Yes I am allowed to take other people with me hunting at this place. So I would like to get a couple people in not only to hunt the yotes but to hopefully teach me to hunt them also. I think my choice weapon will be a 410 with a slug. :D Wont be overkill, bigger than a 22, and I dont have a rifle bigger than a 22.
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