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Some casual thoughts on Archery Season dates

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by R. Toker, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. I know I've seen some discussion on this in years past but I was just thinking to myself about the archery season dates. This season we get a somewhat late start as the last Sat in Sept. is the 30th. I wouldn't mind a standard Sept. 15 or Sept. 20 start date and cut off the end a little, say January 31st or January 15 or January 20th etc. etc.

    Guess all the browsing I just did looking at new crossbows got me thinking of archery season already. Ahhhhh nostalgia.
  2. My vote would be to end it right after muzzy season. The older I get the more I enjoy the early season.
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  3. Earliest start??? No offense toker u crazy! Lol. too hot for me until about Halloween. It's makes it more enjoyable. I'd like an October 15-20th start with and ending Jan 15th. Get them moving a little more, no rot if you have to leave overnight, no spraying yourself with scent killer in the stand to cool down. Lol
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  4. I was thinking something along those same lines.
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  5. I agree also. I dont know if Ive been in a stand before Oct 25th the last 5 years. I bet of all the guys on my property none of them hunt after Thanksgiving. Of our 12 guys nobody gun hunts.
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  6. I'm down with that even if I don't hunt myself much until prerut. It would be a way for young kids to get out more before the cold. I hate bugs but have to start dealing with them. Time for the young ones to start in my house.
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  7. Great minds think alike! :).

    I never bow hunted until the leaves started changing or start falling but then sqackkiller came along and started dragging me out 2 times a week starting opening day and every other day on my own and it's not bad on a cooler day but I don't like feeling sticky and the bugs. Flying bugs almost give me a stroke! oh and I also don't like early season that much because you can't see that far and all of a sudden it's oh crap there is a deer and now it's 25yards away as it snuck in and if you move your busted and according to sqack I text and internet too much when hunting cause he's always saying put the phone away! so then I don't have time to put the phone away to shoot the dang thing. lol lol. If he wasn't sending me pics of deer in front of him every 5min and yelling at me put phone away I wouldn't be texting lol. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Oh and it maybe a little ADHD.
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  8. I feel that it starts early enough as it is , JMO
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  9. If you don't already have one, get a Thermacell.
    I'm like ohihunter, I hate sitting in a stand sweating my butt off. Early season, I will only hunt mornings that are 50 degrees are cooler.
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  10. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    Last Saturday in September until 10/31 for Buck and Doe. No more doe season then until gun season-Buck season stays open during the rut. Rut is off limits for does.

    Draw for allocation of doe tags during gun season based on aerial population counts in counties that can handle doe harvest within the established population goals set that maintain stable doe and buck populations, year in and year out, with the intent of increasing the deer population in small increments to improve hunting..

    Buck season continues during gun and goes until Muzzleloader season and then all seasons finish after muzzy. Balance of Doe tags allocated by county for the balance of Archery, Bonus gun and Muzzy based on harvest information during early archery and gun season to reach quota for year or no tags for these if harvest goals have been met. No more archery season after Bonus Gun.
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  11. KY starts in early Sept. and they don't seem to have much trouble killing big bucks lately. I should have known this would turn into the same old "let's limit ourselves to 4 weeks a year bow season because the sky is falling". I knew it soon as I hit post.

    I've also never understood those who use the classic line of "I don't start until the rut or halloween or whatever". Those deer live out there 365 days a year. How many years in a row has an absolute giant hit the ground before Columbus Day?
  12. other than 56's post we all just hate the heat. I see deer but its 10min before legal light when it cools down for the day.
  13. My methods are based on years of observation and trail cam Intel. I believe true mature deer (5+) in my area are on their feet in daylight less than 10 days per year while sporting their antlers. Over half of those days occur from Oct 25-Nov 15. My success and others in my hunting group drastically increased when we quit hunting early. Deer pattern humans way faster than humans pattern deer. Sure a big one could be killed earlier, but I choose my strategies based on things that maximize my odds of success.
  14. I bought a thermacell after frost on sale this season for next year. Will it be enough in a ground blind? I hate being eaten sitting still trying not to move with deer close....
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  15. Yes it will.
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  16. mrex

    mrex Staff Member Super Mod Mod Premium Member

    Hunting early is overrated...

  17. Schu72

    Schu72 Staff Member Mod

    I would trade a shortened archery season for a short, early (velvet) season,
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  18. My only point was that not a whole lot of guys are archery hunting those late winter months. I would trade the later months for a mid Sept. opener. That was the point of this. I saw a 160" plus 10pt. the first three weeks of season last year on several occasions. I actually missed a shot on him on Sept. 27 due to misjudging yardage. We had an alfalfa field last year that was some of the best alfalfa I've ever seen. It was cut labor day weekend and by Sept. 24th it was back green as an Irishman's St Pats Day beer and the deer were flocking to it in the evenings, many bucks included. Only problem I had was figuring out which stand to hunt. I'd be in one stand and he'd come out by another. That miss on Sept. 27 will haunt me. Not to mention my uncle missed him in mid October from the same stand.
  19. Not a fan of early season. I use it more of a reason just to camp and spend more and more of those early weekends squirrel hunting with the kids. I don't like feeling rushed when I get a deer down and when it's 60+ out you need to get on it when you get one down and then you get to battle flies the whole time you're gutting and skinning one.
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  20. Should go back to the first Saturday in Oct. as the opener. ;)
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