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Solunar Tables

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Fish, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. Yes! Very Accurate

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  2. Somewhat Accurate

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  3. Not Accurate At All

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  4. I Don't Even Look At Them

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  1. How effective do you think they are?

    I don't look at them and go fishing when I can,but was curious as to how effective others thought they are.

    Should I be looking at them a little bit?
  2. Can be good

    I've tried to watch them some. Learned that from a guy who swears by them. If conditions are stable, they seem to work. In-Fisherman has those Master fish awards & there was a high percentage of larger fish caught the 3 days prior & 3 days after full & new moons. My best times personally do seem to be during the 3 days before & including the full moon. They after the full moon....nada.:)

  3. Never paid any attention to it, however I dont like to fish on a clear night with a full moon.
  4. I pay attention

    but go fishing no matter long as the rivers not blown out!
    I have too found the 3 days before and after both full & new moons to be very good...have also done very well with a full moon, no clouds bright as can be..sometimes predators like flatheads take advantage of bright moon lit nights and in clear water use there sight to help hunt for food in the shallows.

    Best night was on a new moon phase, over cast, dead partner Dave and I banked 17 flatheads ranging from a little under 20lbs. to 30 lbs in one 1/2 night of fishing(dark til 2am)
    Yea i know Small cats to some:rolleyes: , but one heck of a fun night..we did loose a few brutes to the dreaded jungle mass of oak trees..could have been an easy 25-28 fish night if we would have landed them all.

    Some old timers say not to fish during clear bright nights during the full moon grandfather was one of them...i disagree..but each angler finds his own way.
    I do know that full moon phases and clear sky nights are awsome during mid summer for topwater smallie fishing in clear bodys of water too;) :cool: