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So boys what is it going to be

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by Caribou Dreamer2, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. IS it going to be huntnig down south or 3-d on jan 18th so whats the deal.
    my vote would be for a 3-d shoot pretty much done chasing whitetails around this year will still make it out once or twice more but it starting 3-d season.

    3-d shoot =1 vote
    Hunting down south =0 vote
    Rabbit hunting =? vote

    Lets make a plan here i'm up for whatever really though heck we can all get together some where and rabbit hunt thats a good idea.
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  2. rabbit, tree rats or whatever .dont make no difference to me but need to figure out something

  3. Come on now guys are we still thinking here or what
  4. I dont know where we could all go rabbit hunting though! I don't know this for a fact but I heard Merle didn't want anyone rabbit hunting at his place this year. I think Don told me that, I can't remember. The only other spot I know of is the power lines. If you can get a place torabbit hunt i'm game. We could always check with Merle and see if that is true.

    Don't you mean Jan. 19? The 18th is a Saturday. I say 3-D but I dont have an open tag so i'll do what everyone else wants.
  5. Otay whatever ,Heck we all could get together and hunt delaware,but then again i think pheasant is out for the year lets find a 3-d shoot.
  6. Pheasant is in until the end of the month except on preserves and you can hunt those through the end of March I believe. 3-D is fine with me if it's not freezing outside.
  7. Otay 3- d it looks like now is it still sidney or somewhere else
  8. Doesn't make any difference to me. If it's that cold I don't know if I will go. I guess it depends on if the wind is blowing. If it is I am surely not going but if it is calm it won't be to bad.
  9. looks like it might be 20 degress but no high winds so let me know otay will be heading to sidney if it not to bad,Do you just want to met there at 8:30am
  10. Your seriously going to go shoot in this cold a$$ weather? If there wasn't any wind it would be okbut even a slight breeze will freeze the ole nuggets off!
  11. 3-D

    Caribou Dreamer2
    Can I ask where you guys are shooting at in Sidney?
  12. I can answer ya Rick, It's actually called Shelby County Bowhunters. They hold their shoots at the Fish & Game or maybe it's a Conservation Club. I cant remember. It's just outside of Port Jefferson.

    Do you shoot any 3-D? If so your welcome to join us if you want to brave the cold!
  13. 3-D


    OK I know where its at I live about 5 miles from there.

    Why I ask I was not to sure just what a 3-D shoot was, I was think some kind of shotgun shoot and you guys was going to the Deer Hunters.
    I am a life member there.
  14. Glad I could help Rick, if you shoot any archery come on over and throw a few arrows with us.
  15. Welp with the temps being 5 degree above zero for tonight and a high of 20 tomorrow if its lucky to make it that high and 15mph winds looks like i will be staying home to save my gonades this weekend plusthe bucks play at 1pm ,I hope next weekend is a little warmer.Hay spiter still on for wyandot next weekend.I guess we all have giving up on deer hunting so it looks like 3-d season again.
  16. It is getting too cold.Got a shot at 10yds. with my old recurve and missed.THE ARROW WAS FROZEN TO THE BOW AND MISFIRED.I am switching from alum. to wood shafts over this.
  17. Thats a go for Wyandot CD2. I was going to go tomorrow myself & MathewsQ2 even said he would go but I am going to call him to tell him forget it. We will just wait until next week. I want to set my other bow up anyway. I don't feel like messing with the hunting bow.
  18. Ok will do,I think it will be to cold tomorrow,I dont feel like getting frost bite just to shoot foam still have all summer for that.
  19. lets got to a 3-D Shoot. i am all for it
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