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Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by SenecaBow, Jan 1, 2003.

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  1. Do you smoke in your tree stand?
  2. I don't smoke at all. But I think the smell will get you winded and spook everything around you. I try to stay clean and odor free as possible.:D ;)

  3. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    I don't smoke either, but from what I have seen with those who do, it doesn't make much difference. I'm not sure the deer think that it is a threatening scent. Might even make a good cover scent :)
  4. My dad smokes in his treestand. He got a deer, and I'm deerless. I don't know about making a difference or not if you smoke in the treestand. I don't smoke period, and never will.
  5. I do not smoke but I wish I did......Let me explain. I do all I can to eliminate scent while bowhunting, to NO avail. I get busted every time a deer comes downwind, even from a tree, way up a tree. I have filmed a friend who is a chain smoker. While filming I have seen deer walk directly through expeld smoke without even looking for the source.....I think it works as a powerful cover scent.....I read somewhere that the Indians would "smoke" their clothing and bodies, may try it.
  6. All I know is encourage your smoking family and freinds to quit so they dont suffer longpainfull death that most smokers do.
    Ive known too many hard core pro smokers that wished they listened on there death beds.
    Myself i lost 3 too the cancer sticks and many freinds.
    I dont mean change subjest but I think smoking shouldnt be encouraged any shape or form.
  7. I dont smoke, but I do dip snuff..I have had deer walk up to ten feet away, while spitting Copenhagen all over the ground..In fact most of the deer I have shot I have had a dip in....It could have spooked some I have not seen however?
  8. Just thought of this..I had a Buddy, who smoked like a freight train. And he took several Ohio deer with gun and bow, all from the ground while smoking...He told me he once had an 8-point walk up behind him, "he was sitting on the ground" and the deer passed so close he said he could have grabbed it's leg, while smoking.
  9. I once had a pet deer and so did a freind.I also had a girlfreind that had a pet deer albino buck.THEY ALL LOVED TO EAT CIGGIES.Cover scent, not!This is an attractant.
  10. I've heard of people who smoke their clothes with fire before they go out, they hang them over or by a fire so their clothes will smell like smoke. It must work. Do you have a picture of the albino deer?
  11. Yes I have a couple

    Its kinda weird but I hunt between 2 campgrounds....The deer smell smoke all the time. I ve had a Cig in my mouth and had deer come within 10 yrds of me and never be spooked.. I think they are used to it.:p
  12. Doint smoke so i would have to say no to smoking on stand,But have heard of guys smoking on stand and do very well.
  13. I used to smoke but never did it while hunting. I guess if it does'nt bother the deer then more power to ya!
  14. Weird topic, but I think that the more natural you can keep it the better. I guess I would think that siliva is a natural thing to deer whether it be human spit, fox spit or cat spit. What!??? I guess after all it's a toss up, who knows for sure. Just test the waters and see what works.

  15. I don't smoke...

    But one of my uncles hunted to no avail for a little while. He was always told to keep the scent to the barest minimum and that would be the number one way to secure a deer. He said that one hunt he gave in and lit up a cigarette. Two minutes later a doe came down a trail 10 yards from him, and he took her... his one and only.

  16. I have been smoking in my stands while hunting for years. I have intentionally lit up to see what effect the smoke would have on the deer. Some would take notice and some would pay no attention at all.

    I think the question has to be as Pike stated in the thread about "chewing on stand" how many deer are spooked by the smoke that we never see? Has the big buck we've been waiting on been spooked from walking by us because of the smoke, who know's.

    As primarily a gun hunter now I have it pretty easy when it comes to overcoming a deer sense of smell. Where I hunt the wind is from the southwest about 80% of the time. I set up my ground boxes about 80-100 yds away from where I expect to shoot the deer with the wind in my favor and just smoke away. Downwind of my boxes is typically 300-400 yds of open field so I'm not to concerned about spooking anything downwind.

  17. I have always smoked in my treestands but always put the butts out in a film container so they where not on the ground around my stand so the scent would be less and not littering at the sametime and have shot both does and bucks as close as 10 feet from the stand while smoking.
    I really believe that it does not bother them
  18. This is a good topic in that you can never have a wrong answer LOL
    I quit smoking this past New Yreas Eve and hope to stay smoke free till my last clean breath...
    That said I never smoked in my tree or driving to or from my hunting areas... on about 75% of my hunts and can say I have seen more quality deer when not smoking then when smoking, I keep a log that is now over 22 years old. For the last 7 years I have kept a log on my clients and the non-smokers see more quality deer then smokers. Quality = alpha or shootable bucks.
    Its my hope that all the smokers/dippers can quit and live a long healthy life!!! :D
  19. chopiq

    chopiq Staff Member Mod

    Hey atrkyhntr, I see you run beardbuster guide. I deer hunt in that area and visit that store all the time when I'm in the area. There are some nice pictures of deer hanging there. ARe they from your guide service?

    As for smoking never smoked and never will, but my brother does and all I know is in the last 4 years I've gotten 6 deer bow hunting and he only had one shot, which he missed. Plus I see twice the deer he does and we hunt in the same area.
  20. Hey chopiq...
    I can't say all the deer in the photos are taken by our cleints but all do come from the area.... 95% of the photos you see in the store are from hunters who checked those same deer in as the store is a checkin station too...
    My top deer guide Mark has one of the best if not the best trophy deer hunting area down that way... I have never had one client complain when Mark had guided them... This may lead us to start a trophy hunt package because we simply can't take all our clients to Mark's area (private farm and Mark has exclusive rights) and decimate the quality hunts offered there. We have cleints as far away as NY come down just to hunt this farm...
    How did you do this past fall? Hope you did great the whole area has some really fine bucks and a very good deer population... We'll have to toss down a couple beers one evening when we're both down at the sametime ;)