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Smallie Chasers site CLOSED!

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by Flatheadmaniac, Jan 15, 2003.

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  1. Due to recent issues brought to my attention..thanks for the heads up smallie34, i have decided to close the Smallie Chasers site, maybe for good?
    I will no longer talk about my smallmouth bass fishing or post pictures of my catches on the web..sorry to those who catch & release like i do..but i wont have my sites or knowlege help others "meathunt".
    The next thing that will be closed down is the Catfish Hunters site and a "private" message forum i just getting tired of the BS that it brings!!
  2. Closing your site because people don't think the way that you do sounds childish. Just my opinion.:rolleyes:
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  3. maybe so....

    but ive been called MUCH worse on these message boards thats for sure!
    The reason im doing this is because of a person who went to my site and learned of how i winter fish..then turns around and brags of killing 12 smallies for the dinner table...on a stream that has regulations of one smallie per day over 15".
    If you want to catch & kill thats your right..but im not the one going to HELP that kind of "angling"!
  4. Well, thats his opinion and it may not even be true. I even asked you about joining your site and check on why it's not letting me and you didn't do it. Don't hear me getting upset because of what people do or say. It's just one guy and it's your site. You don't like it, fix it and don't post about what is bugging you about your site. It brings down this site. Get over it and move on. Kick him out. :rolleyes:

    Sorry to come across so hard , but don't want the problems that others sites do.;)
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  5. Not a problem...

    Keep those out that are not wanted... I can give you the code to password protect your website(s) from further abuse. No use not helping friends and family ;)

    Try this...

    Click here to try my password protected website made just for you LOL

    Once there type in
    UserID----------> your
    Password------> no

    a script pops up tells you invalid password now type
    password----> in

    your now forwarded to my website :D

    I can send you the code no prob ;)
  6. Sorry to hear you had to close your site dude

    I doubt if anyone took and kilt 12 fish from the creek ........somebody must be playin.

    Smallmouth Bass taste like crap anyway, I cant see someone eating 12 of them.............


  7. It sounds like you never ate a smallmouth bass. I have cooked a few and they taste good. They are not even close to carp.;)
  8. But of course,

    Ive had Smallmouth Bass, I think they taste Fishy...........If ya gotta put lemon on them they are fishy :D LOL

    I let all my Smallies go...........To much Game in them I think......................

    Carp? man I dunno..........Id have to be Hungry as hell
  9. Just put them in vinagar and baking soda for about 30 mins. and it will take that taste out of it.

    I guess some people love carp and some would wait until all food was gone to eat :D :D
  10. Perhaps some would......

    And some would both fish for Carp and Pop them with an Arrow..............Thats what sportings all about :D :D

    I still wanna shoot a GAR............. Small ones in the Ohio are just too small.......I guess I gotta atravel
  11. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Looks like it's time to close a thread on this site.
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