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Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by kes2410, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. During shotgun season I aways used Remington slugs. I was wondering if anyone prefers any other types out there. I looked up the Hornady's SST and Brenneke slugs. I was just curious if anyone has any input on this slugs?
  2. both will shoot well out of some guns. my 870 12 ga, wont shoot the sst for crap. but my wifes 870 20 ga, shoots them well. my 870 shoots the rem copper solids very well 2 in groupes at 100 yards with only a 2 in drop from 50 yards. my old mossberg shot the brennekes very well. you just have to try them out of your gun to see what shoots best.

  3. I've always used the remington buckhammers. Deadly accurate out of my mossy 500. Kick like a mule. I'm getting a tad concerened though, can't seem to find them anywhere.

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  4. I use the SST's out of a Deerslayer III.

  5. My opinion is that the super expensive sabots discourage the average hunter from practicing, so its not a matter of what slugs have superior accuracy. I have complete confidence shooting out to 150 yards with plain old Remington sluggers because I can afford to practice a lot.

    People who go out and sight in their shotgun with a box of 5 slugs are kidding themselves if they say that's enough practice. Stand up and let fly off the shoulder out to 150 yards.
  6. Havent had that 150 opportunity yet. I dont know if i would go past 100 with those buckhammers. Theres absolutely no aerodynamicity to them at all. Its like shooting a chunk of lead! Literally! Lol. Did drop a doe at 80yds with a neck shot last year though (after climbing through the hills of SE OH) standing. :D After sighting in with a box of 5 (3 to sight, 2 more for assurance.)

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  7. Anyone use scopes on their shotguns? I save scoping for the muzzleloader.

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  8. I have shot enough that it only takes 5 to make sure it is still on. I stick with the same type and don't switch..

  9. Yes I have one on my slug gun.

  10. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    Like any gun- you need to try several types to see what the gun likes the best. Yes,it can cost some extra money, but that is the way to really find out what the gun likes.

    Scope on a slug gun-absolutely. If you know how to use the scope properly, it's very effective on moving(Don't try that if your not good at it) and still game close up and a greater advantage comes at long distances.
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  11. I'm using the Remington Buckhammers in my 20 Ga. USH. They print very well with this gun. Remington quit making them so it's going to be hard to find some. When I got word of this almost 2 years ago, I bought up a good supply to last me maybe the rest of my days. I have an 1100 in 12 Ga. that shoots the Hastings Laser accurate slugs, and they stopped production on those as well. I have read that Rottweil has now started making the Laser Plus which is damn near the same slug as the Hastings. Haven't seen them at any stores yet but they can be obtained on line. Scopes on slug guns.... Yep I use them.... Too hard to see the sights at my age... LOL.....;)
  12. yes i have a 2x7x33 leupold on my 870. I do 90% of my pratpce with a .22 at 100 yards. shooting is shooting no ya dont have the same recoil and the drop is not the same from gun to gun. but if you know each gun and how it shoots then I dont see any reason to shoot 500 rounds a year from each of my guns. when I can shoot 1000 rounds a year from my .22 for $ 50 a year to stay in pratice. My shootgun shoots the same every year dead on at 50 yards , 2 inches low at 100 yards and put the crosshair on its spine at 150 yards and dead deer. yes I have killed deer at 150 yards . No I dont take standing offhand shots at 150 yards but I will take it if I can rest on a tree or get to one knee. I know I'm not a good enough offhand shooter for a standing 150 yard shot because of the practice I put in every year. On average I shoot two slugs a year one to make sure I am dead on at 50 yards and one to kill my deer. In the past 5 years I have shot 10 slugs and killed 5 deer with my shotgun. It's working for me so I think I will stick to it. Even if I am kidding myself.
  13. I shoot Winchester Super-X slugs out on my 870 with good results.
  14. I dont see the need for those high price slugs I just use the remington sluggers they always do the trick out of my 1100 My uncle reloads his own slugs that shoots very well may get his recipe and load some my self
  15. I hunt with a Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag, rifled barrel. I think I'm going to try Brenneke Black Magic slugs and see what they do for me.
  16. I'm heartbroken. No wonder I saw such low prices on them a few weeks back. Darn, should have jumped on that.

    I dont know. I guess I just like my slug setup the way it is.

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  17. And for you catchdog, sounds good! :)

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  18. Darron B

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    I shoot the winchester partition gold slugs. They are very accurate and I have yet to have a deer run over 50 yards after being hit with one of them.
  19. Kes,

    I shoot an Ultra Slug Hunter (12 and 20 ga). I ran every high-end slug I could get my hands-on thru it and the SST's came out on top. (No big differences at 50 yards, but at 100 it was clear.) The same was true in both the 12 and 20. But that was in the Ultra Slug Hunter. A different gun may produce completely different results.

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  20. im not trying to hijack this thread but of the slugs talked about which would be better out of a smoothbore barrel 870?