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Site Nicknames

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I started this one on another site and it got pretty interesting.
How did you come up with your nicknames for the site.

Caribou Dreamer2:This is the animal of my dreams i will hunt them someday and as for the 2 well thats along story.:)
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Been awhile so figure should bring this one back up ,we have got some new members since this was posted before.
Interesting keep'em coming
I always wonder how some of you came up with your handles
I don't think you can,but maybe Steve can might be able to change it for you,but if not just clean out your cookies and reregister under new name.Thats the only way i know how you can change it
With alot of new members here lets bring this old one back up to the top
Bring this one back up for the new members
1 - 6 of 56 Posts
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