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show me your mounts-please.

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by ohihunter2014, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. woman in front is sure showing her Oh face
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  2. [​IMG]


  3. Calm down Cleveland! Beleave it or not this happens in the wild. Not meant to offend anyone. May help educate some. As well as what could happen on a elephant ride.
  4. . I think she feels cheated.....The ride probably was over at that point. Funny thing is I could see this happening to me. First time we took our kid to the Columbus zoo guess what the monkeys were doing right on the glass. Pretty funny stuff. Had a mixture of laughter wows and a couple Uhs.
  5. Most the time I agree with you and lol at the jokes but this one isn't so lol just saying man.
  6. The smaller buck looks like it just smelled a rotten fart. And looks really skinny.
  7. hey mercercountyhater the "smaller" "skinny" buck was shot by my, at the time 10 year old son and it happens to be his first buck. so F off..........
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  8. NE Ohio 159 5/8 gross - Thanks
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  9. Wow. You need a hug Andrew. Didn't mean to insult your son. Forgot how serious and sensitive people are on this site.
    Let me rephrase. That is the best mount I've ever seen and for a ten year old to kill it is even better. And the last thing I would think it was doing was smelling something foul.