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Should Ohio Non resident license prices go up?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Basementdweller, Dec 29, 2002.

Increase Price of NR hunting License?

Poll closed Mar 29, 2003.
  1. No Change?

    11 vote(s)
  2. $200?

    2 vote(s)
  3. $300?

    1 vote(s)
  4. $400?

    0 vote(s)
  5. $500 or More?

    3 vote(s)
  6. Match Hunters residents State NR Cost

    16 vote(s)
  1. I personally have never had a problem but on bowsite there is a thread about this. 90 bucks for a license is too cheap. I would like to see Ohio NR License go up to the $400 range. Plus NR deer tags at $100 a piece.

    What do you think?
  2. Just raising the out of state license $100 , imagine how much money it would bring....:rolleyes:

  3. Why
    Who cares as long as my resident tags dont go up any more. Heck i like to see a sportman tag.One fee for everything not 20 here not 20 for this one ,not 20 for that one etc.One fee.I also like the idea of when you go to purchase your deer tags you have to mark on the tag what weapon you are going to use and that is the only one you can hunt with for that year.So if you marked archery then its archery all year no gun hunting Or vise versa.What do you all think of that.Why raise the out of state tags then we will be just like the rest of the state nobody can afford to hunt another state.Leave it the same in my thoughts.:confused:
  4. Why in the world woud you want to deny one sportsman the opportunity to hunt or fish in the state of ohio. Raising the hunting license to $500 is riduculas at best. This nation is founded on the premise that all men are created equal and all enjoy the same rights .. why limit out of state hunters to rich elitists that all ready buy their way through life. Then we can get in to fee wars with other state until no one can afford a NR license to hunt or fish.. Not too long ago OH didn't have all that great of deer or turkey hunting and we ohioans had to go to other states to fill our tags. Now are are over run with deer to the point its not safe to drive during the rut season. Maybe with a few politicians on your side we will licensing fees out of control and we can all become basementdwellers instead of sportsman because we can no longer afford to hunt and fish.
  5. Who is the extra money really gonna help

    I think we should match NR charges. If IL and other states charges and Ohio NR 200-400$ plus I think we should charge the same. A reciprocal system is only fair.

    Also consider the money earned does not go to the ODNR but to the state assembly who dishes money out. Who is the extra revenue really helping?
  6. I was just asking an opinion. Just relax.

    I would like to see ohio adopt the sportsman license also...I think pennsylvania does it. Fishing and hunting with one license.

    Indiana is still a bargain....but all of our neighbors are in the ball park of $150. Why not bring ohio in line.

    South carolina almost $300 for a non resident.
  7. What I would like to see is the annual non-resident license stay the same with the deer and turkey tags to double in price for two years. Then go up another 10 dollars. This will not exclude the former Ohioans who enjoy coming home to hunt and also will help keep us in line with our neighbors a little more like Kentucky and Pa.

    A sportsman license would be nice:cool:
  8. The way many other states are becoming hunt on leased or public land, we may see more and more non-residents. I'd hate to see the dollar signs posted on all the private land. Raising the non-resident fees may help the state procure more quality land. At some point, unless you are willing to pay a lease, that may be all there is. Raising the fees may also help keep the non-resident numbers down. I may sound greedy, but I don't want to see Ohio become a lease to hunt state. I know of people that are paying leases now. As more and more people look for places to hunt, more and more land owners may look to lease.
  9. I think that the out of state hunters should pay more. I have hunted in W.V the last couple of years and my license are $110.00 and my tags are $25.00 each,up to 5 tags totall in all that is available to by. Kentuckys will cost you $110.00 for non resident. ohio should be the same, hey if they can charge us those prices then lets charge them those prices! and not to mention the revenue that ODNR would gain. and maybe we could use some of that money to fight anti hunters and animal rights activists!
  10. Well if we raise it so will the bordering states and we will be stabbing ohio hunters in the back that hunt surrounding states.Guess some that don't hunt states bordering ohio have nothing to lose though.
  11. I too voted for the NR charges. I think that is only fair.
  12. all i like to see,is that we raise our fees to match theres. and not get into a fee competiton about it. if you look at the quality of deer compaired to KY ,and W.V we have bigger and better deer in this state. our bucks our 30 to 40 % bigger. i am not saying the non resident should pay for quality, but they should atleast pay what there owne state charges for non residents
  13. Another thing to consider...

    Is the tourism dollars that NR hunters and fishermen bring into the state. The same holds true when Ohioans go out of state to do their hunting or fishing. Stop and think about the gas you buy, or the meals or the lodging. As a small merchant, we don't make much on the tourists, nor on their NR tags, but we do see the number of out of state people that come to this little corner of Ohio, and the numbers are rather surprising. I would sure hate to discourage them by charging excessive fees to hunt or fish in this great state of ours. There's no question...tourism is a major industry in Ohio, and either directly or indirectly, the money they spend, benefits all of us.;)
  14. First let me say that, there is and always have been more hunters from OH. that come to PA. for Rifle season than there is hunters from PA. that head to OH. for shotgun season. Also I own a house in SW. FL. at least 20% of the Fisherman that rent it are from OH. and atleast 15% of the snowbirds that rent it are from OH. I do agree that both OH. and PA. should charge NR. hunters the same amount as it cost OH. & PA hunters and fisherman to hunt or fish in that particular state. I have hunted in MD. for many years as a NR. MD. charges NR's the same price that PA. charges MD. hunters to hunt. I think that is the way it should be, If a certain state puts NR. hunters thru a lottery system, than I think OH., PA. and MD. should do the same for NR.'s from those states as well. Many OH, hunters and fishermen go out of state to enjoy the outdoors, Like some one else stated you would just be stabbing yourself in the back by making a large increase NR. Lic, fee's. I personally do not mind paying NR. res. Hunting and Fishing lic fee's, I look at it like a donation to the wildlife of that state, and that is the least I can do for being a guest sportsman in that state. Actually, I paid More money to hunt in OH. this year than I did in MD. but. not by much. I think it was like $10.00 more, So Ohio is right in line with PA. and MD. Also I do not see the problem OH. has with too many NR. hunting in Ohio, according to the ODNR. they sold 13,175 NR. Lic's in 2000, So believe it or not the state of MD. which is much, much, much smaller in size sells more NR. lic's than does Ohio. Pike
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  15. I would raise them up to match the states around us. ;)
  16. No Complaints

    I own a guide service (Beardbuster) here in our great state of Ohio and never have I heard more then a couple complaints of the cost of our license fees for NR... The couple I have heard take a step back after I tell them how much it would cost us to hunt their state and they end up coming here...
    Fair is fair we should charge the same fee that other states are charging us.
    Maybe we could get a petition going and have the results sent to the Ohio general assembly and the DNR...
    Maybe admin here can start one by going to petitiononline and starting a free online petition ;)
  17. Lance

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    I wouldn't vote for more than the match. The people it will hurt the most are our friends and relatives who come home on vacation to hunt with family.
  18. I personally would like to hunt in other states, but it is too expensive at the present. I think we should lead by example, and keep our prices down. Heck I wouldn't mind even hunting with Michigan guys. LOL
  19. i think we need to figure out why we would want them raised.if it's to keep the numbers of out of state hunters down,raise extra money for the dnr,or to keep in line with our neighboring states.
    colorado raised their n.r. fees on elk tags a couple of years back and ended up with around 20% less n.r. tags sold the next year.
    i feel for former residents if the fees are raised.maybe the dnr could take former residency into consideration if they do change the fees.
    maybe the dnr could simply average out the fees that are charged in neighboring states to come up with a fair n.r. fee
    not sure what the best answer is.
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