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Shotgun vs rifle scope?

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by Lance, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Other than the eye relief is there any real differences between the two? I'd like to put a scope on my 30/30 and really like the Simmons shotgun scopes with the pro diamond view 1.5-5 power.
  2. Good Question

    To my knowlege there isnt a real difference but heck what do I know lol. The few scopes I do have are rifle scope though Ive looked throught a shotgun and besides it looking a bit different I didnt notice anything else unusual

  3. no difference

    Lance, there is no difference between the two.They call it a shotgun scope because of the power.There is no need to put a high power scope on a shotgun because of the limited range a shotgun has.
    The scope you are talking about is excellent because if you are hunting in the woods you can turn it down to 1.5 power and still have a large field of view.
    I also love the pro diamond reticle.I have a 4x32 pro diamond on my muzzle loader.(wish I would of got the 1.5-5).
    Most people would put a 3x9x40 on a 30-30.It'll get you downrange further.
    Good luck
  4. There is a difference

    The difference is the range at which the scope is set to be parellex free. Shotgun scope and .22 scopes are tipically set for 75 yrds. where rifle scopes are set for somewhere between 100 and 150 yrds. For field use the loose of accuracy due to the wrong parellex setting is not enough to matter in most situations, but it matteres enough to bench rest shooters that they have adjustable parellex setting on their scope so that they can have the correct setting at every range.
  5. I have to go wit Gator on this one, there is no difference between the two. Most shotgun scope just has a lower power.
  6. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod


    Thanks! I'll probably go ahead and get the 1.5x5 power scope then. I don't see myself shooting much over 100-125 yrds with it.
  7. Onething to keep in mind is field of view at 100 yards... very very important... I like scopes that are 60+ yards field of view at 100...
    Any running shot is made easier and the chance is there of having one when going after a hit deer the you jump up because it has yet to expire :eek:
  8. So no one is confused, you do mean 60+ feet, not yards, I think!!
  9. OOPS :eek:
    THANKS your right whew.... :D
  10. Catfish is right on this one! Shotgun scopes are parellex (spelling may be wrong) free at shorter distance because of the shorter range of the shotgun slug.