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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. aren't they making a Thunnus anymore? I didn't see it in the BPS catalog. I don't see why they would make it, the original BTR more than gets the job done.

    Hey they have a suped up BTR over seas?
  2. your making me think TOO much about tackle man...

    QUIT IT!!!
    I liked the Thunnus a lot..but for the money here in the US there are far better baitrunner "STYLE" reels out there...i dont think thier sales of the Thunnus did as well as they thought it would...why would you spend $200+ on a bait runner when you can buy an Okuma Epixor that is WAY better for under $100???

    Anyway, over-seas..yea buddy they have the better ones over there for UK Shimano Big Baitrunner Long Cast is the exact frame as the Thunnus(6 ball bearings) but has the "big pit" style spool as the long didtance surf reels(holds 600 yrs of 12lb line!)
    The "TOP of the LINE" in the US right now is made by Daiwa..its called the Grand Wave..its just an American Version of the top baitruner in the Uk called the Infinity(the UK verson will run ya about $500) heres the link..but WARNING, this is not a cheap priced reel, i know right now a carp angler that has TWO of them..but hes got $1000 of dollars in just carp tackle!

    In my opinion, the Big baitrunner long cast is a better reel and costs a bunch cheaper(even with the $30 shipping i paid) than the grand wave from Daiwa.

    I have had the original BTR's from shimano for YEARS and have landed so many fish on them(both the 3500 and 4500) but i just changed over to the Okuma Epixor and its a far better reel for sure!
    10 ball bearings compared to the 4 ball bearings of the newer "B" series costs about $30-$40 less than the shimano..comes with TWO alum. spools, and they make WAY more sizes that just the basic 3 of shimano..PLUS they do make 3 KINDS of baitfeeders to choose from incase someone doesnt want to spend $80 on a new baitfeeder..from 2-3 ball bearings all the way to the 10 ball bearing reel!
    Sizes..EB20, EB30, EB50 & EB60 (thats just the Epixor...the Cornado goes up to CD90 size now(its BIG)
    I just got not long ago 2 EB50's for my new 13ft Carp rods and they are SWEET, i was going to put two BTR4500's on them, but after fishing with an Epixor EB baitfeeder..theres no comparison(again MY opinion).
    Also if your in the market for a sweet light spinning rel for lures, check out the Metaloid(10bb) or the regular Epixor(10bb) for the price they cant be beat and im sad to say they are way smoother tham my high dollar Stradics:(

    I got my yongest son Christopher(who just turned 7 Dec. 30th) his very first spinning combo, its a 5' UL rod with titanium eyelets and i put an Okuma Avenger AV15(95 yrds of 6lb test) on it for him..this UL reel has 6 ball bearings and is going to buy my son Tyler one for his Fenwick for next year....its WAY better than his UL Sedona 500FA hes been using!

  3. Okuma

    I was just looking into the Okuma baitrunners today. Glad I saw this post. I've already got a Shimano BTR 4500, but I'm looking for another reel or two. Never heard of Okuma, but the Epixor looks like a good reel. So, sounds like you'd recommend them. Anyone else have an opinion of the Okuma Epixor reels?
  4. Thunnus...

    just had a friend buy 3 of them in Bass Pro (Cincy) last they do carry them. And the new 4500b BTR's are really sweet to....with a definate track record. A thing to remember...Shimano is the original maker of baitrunners. BB...check out and order one of their free full color great catalogues. It'll show you most of the equipment available...and many top notch versions of baitrunners. I'm going on 5 years usage on my Shimano Aero GT's...exposure to around the clock rain on many occasions and have never let me down and have accounted for many big fish.

    Can't comment on the Okuma Epixor's yet...don't know enough anglers that have used them a couple seasons with repeated extended weather exposure and big fish captures. I'll be watching them though as Scott seems to be happy with them thus far.

    Another to be keeping an eye on to see how it holds up under continuous big fish and bad weather is the Penn Liveliner...initial reports are good...but, still haven't been on the market long enough or in use enough for me to recommend either. Penn's always been a quality outfit.
  5. One other reel I forgot to mention...

    TICA Sportera 4507 baitrunner. They're the size of the 4500 BTR. Costs less than $100...I own and fished 2 of them several times this summer and was very happy with them. They're HQ'd here in the U.S. for parts and repair (made overseas but main office is in SC) and have been getting rave reviews in the UK carping mags for a low cost baitrunner. UK guys are kinda tough on reviews...and when they talk about using a reel...they're "session" anglers who stay out a week or two at a time with lines in the water and reels exposed to the weather the whole time. No cleaning or lubing and lots of big fish. Nice and smooth. They also have a longer spool than the 4500's...tapered as well for longer smoother casts. That's saying alot too...I love my 4500's :) Also available at Wackerbaits.

    BTW Scott....Paul P. (wackerbaits) is going to be buying a couple of those Okumas for testing and possible future selling based on your post about them. How long have you been using them? How Often? Number of over 15 lb fish? Overnight/exposed to rain and dew? Just curious as I've thought of buying a couple myself based on your post...and my trips are mostly 48 hours in duration and equipment takes some heavy use between opportunities to clean. Definately thinking about one of the ultra lite models.
  6. I haven't fished with an Okuma, but I have sold them on several occassions and people seemed happy with them. For about $75, the Coronado(by Okuma) looks to me like a great reel. I'll have to stick with the tried and true BTR.
  7. cwcarper ... if you get an Okuma EB baitrunner, you will never use your shimanos again .... that is a promise ... High quality, smooth as silk, adjustable baitrunner tension ... excellent drag system .. one of the best I have ever used ... smoother than most baitcasters ... Don't let the price fool you .. they are top notch from top to bottom .. if they were made by shimano they would be close to or over $200. Don't get me wrong I fish with no other spinning reel than shimanos ... but the Okuma EB baitrunners are in a different class than the Shimano baitrunners..
    I have an EB 65 that I use for flats .... it has handled 30lb class fflats in currents with no problem .... I got it near the end of the season so I can't tell you that it will last a lifetime, but I can't see why it wouldn't. I hope to get some bigger ones in the upcoming season:D :D :D :D ...
  8. Have any of you fellas used a Coronado? Any info on their performance?
  9. Here's a pic of reels

    I hear ya on the tried and true BTR's BB...when I went up to the St Lawrence Sep 2001 to fish for the biggies...those are the one's I took with me. :) And most of the UK anglers I fish with in CAG events...always have a set of them with them for back up.

    Here's a pic (no btr in this one though)...comparing the Shimano Aero GT Baitrunner and Tica Sportera 4507 Baitrunner(same size as a 4500 BTR) to a Mitchell 300 in size.

    MadCatter...are you talking about Okuma baitcasters with clickers...or spinning reels with baitrunner? Reason I ask is you say you prefer your Okuma baitrunner's hand's down but then you say you fish with no other spinning reel than Shimano. Just curious as I've never used/touched any Okuma products and trying to learn a little something here about them.

  10. If anything, the Tica is a good looking reel! I always have a hard time buying rods and reels online if I have never felt their action. I bought one rod/reel from bps.....wish I hadn't.
  11. No rrbski I am talking about the Okuma EB baitrunners ... I have had shimano baitrunners and they don't compare ... I know the baitrunners are technically a spinning reel but in my mind I classify them seperate. So in short I am saying that IMHO shimano makes the best spinning reel although I have never used an Okuma spinner so I can't comment on them .. nor have I used an Okuma Baitcaster .... I am an Abu man in that area... I hope I cleared it up a little ....
  12. Thanks for the clarification Madcatter. Good fishin to ya.
  13. I bought a new shimano 4500-B this year, the real broke before I could even use it..The bait runner wont disengage when you turn the handle like it is supposed to???? I still use it just have to flip the lever by hand, I really like it and caught a nice flat on it this year.
  14. I have disscused this with Scott....I really like the 6500, it is the only baitcasters I have...However if ABU would just design a reel exactly like the 6500, and have it hold twice the line would be great..I run 30-lb test mono on my 6500's and if you break off a time or to, not enough line left to fish with.
  15. Have you looked inside yet? Spinning reels of any sort are very easy to fix. Probably just a loose spring or screw.
  16. No I have not taken it apart, scared I would not be able to get it back together:D
  17. Since I have to clean mine up anyway, I'll open it up and see if there is a quick fix in there, if it looks like a mess of parts that no one should attempt I'll let you know. Should be pretty easy......
  18. remember what I said about looking like a mess of parts? Well, it isn't so bad. It is just a matter of a couple springs that are probably causing your problem.
    Now when you open it(you have to take the spring out of the lever, the left half of the lever will pull off and there will be a screw underneath) there is a plate that is held down by two screw. remove them and the whole assembly will come out in one piece. It is easy to line back up and put back together. Once you get that plate out of there you will see a big v-shaped spring, make sure it is attached at both ends, also the spring on the plate, make sure it is attached at both ends.

    I had mine apart and together in less than 10 minutes, it's not that bad.......just looks messy!