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Shed traps...

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by gamegetter1, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. I made some chicken wire shed traps and just got back from putting them out. The deer are supposed to put their head down to get the corn, and then the antlers get caught and fall off. I've never done this before, but I was on the gofishohio site and a couple people were trying it and saying good things. I"m anxious as to how well it works. I just put some crack corn inside and I guess I will wait a few days. I'll post on the results... Anyone else ever try this? Any advice would be great.

  2. why would you wanna get deer hooked on crack .. then steel their anlters:confused: :D :D :D

    Just kidding ... sounds like it should work ..

  3. Another way is to drive 3 rebar stakes into the ground to form a trangle or teepee that the buck would have to work his head into to get the corn out..
    I forgot about both of these methods and will search for the detailed instructions I have somewhere on both and others
  4. are they legal?they sound dangerous to the deer if his antlers are still glued on tight.and deer eating from a pile of bait or trough is a way to spread diseases.
  5. It does sound like it will hurt some deer if there antlers are not ready to come off. Not good idea, also check the law book about it.:(

    Not gonna try it but I think that a deer can work its head back out.
  7. Sounds like it would work, but I do worry if the horns are not ready to come off the deer could become traped...And die a horrible death?
  8. I was wondering the same thing...

    I was thinking what would happen if the antlers weren't ready... It shouldn't be too hard for a buck to pull out of it. I had this in mind when putting them out. Also, the people that I have heard do this have never claimed any problems. I would not put something out that I feel would have a good chance of hurting or wounding a deer. I think that if the antlers are ready, this will work, but if they're still on pretty good, there won't be a big problem in freeing them.

  9. Its easy to say what you may think without doing a little research:eek:
    None of these methods have ever "trapped a deer" into a slow death situation...
    Shed huntng is BIG buiss in Albert and they have never reported one deer being harmed in anyway with shed traps.
    All shed traps do is help knock off loose racks not trap them and have them yanked off as many times the sheds are found within yards of the traps not beneath them ;)
    I think trap is not the correct word but its the one used most often...
    Concern is often well founded but never blast something you do not understand.... simply do a little research before un-truths form and anti's become aware of something that really isn't there...
    Also legal to do here in Ohio:)
  10. What the ???

    Slow horrible death? We're talking flimsy chicken wire!!! Please! The one in my back yard has been thrashed the last two nights, no antlers, no TRAPPED(LMAO) deer! All of the corn, both nights. Something is eating GOOD!

    It is legal to feed deer!
  11. Can anyone post a photo of their setup to show the others?
    THANKS in advance :)
  12. I'll snap a pic of mine when I bait em tomorrow.

    It will give everybody a better understanding. It's not like we have 330 condibears hanging in the trees or anything,lol.
  13. I think i may put one out in my yard and see what happens....thats a good idea....
  14. Here is a pic...

    of the one in my back yard! It was a neat circle until the deer beat it up the last few nights. Guys these are pretty harmless! I'd be surprised if they could hurt/trap deer. To those worried about somebody else wounding/ maming deer---I say go practice your shooting/tracking skills! How many deer per season are not shot/tracked properly? I'd say that number would shock all of us!

    If anybody is gonna try this make them bigger diameter and use about six stakes instead of three like I did. The deer just kick in the bottom until they can get to the corn. Had a turkey there when I left for work and 4 deer(2 with racks/2 without) when I got home last night! Hoping for another shed rack! At least they are eating the corn! Snowing pretty good here in SE Ohio. That should push the deer back to the honeysuckle instead of the grass! The one I have postioned in the bedding area is still untouched?

    Good luck on the shed hunting and/or catching! Post results![​IMG]
  15. Looks good and also just like one my freind uses...
    His though has alfalfa in it that really attracts the deer and keeps most other critters away...
    He buys his alfalfa from farmers who have a mixed cut that maybe is 2nd or 3rd year planted. Meaning not replanted for a few years so has alot of hay in it also making th ebales cheap in cost only going for 3-4 dollars each. Break off about 1/8 a bail and shake loose into the middle and your all set...

    THANKS for the pic :D
  16. shed traps

    these traps are 100% legal in the state of ohio . the director of ODNR DISTRICT 5 said are very safe and very afective and has about a 1% chance of the animal geting hurt
  17. I just made a shed trap today....we will see if it works!!
  18. I see it doesn't look like I thought. I might try it I guess. ;)
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