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Shed Hunters?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by BuckeyeTom, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. How much longer till these antlers are gonna come off? Pulled in my drive last night to see 4 bucks looking at me 2 real nice/two small. Been seeing the biggest one a bunch here lately, but only in the dark. My digital won't reach that far?

    I have found sheds before, but definately not very experienced at it. Got a good feeling I'm gonna find some of these with the deer right in my backyard. A buddy told me the wetter it is out the sooner they come off? Anybody know any truth to that? I know people that have found racks on the ground during muzzleloading season. I have always found them closer to mushroom season. In fact, I have half of what would be a slammer 12 point(6 one side/double brow tine). A buddy found it near my place while shroomin. We looked and looked for the other side, but no luck!

    My neighbor found a good set just across the road from my place and a local farmer busted a tire running over a shed in a near by cornfield. I'm gonna see what I can't come up with as soon as they come off!

    Appreciate any info.!!! -Tom-
  2. We found two last February from different deer about 10 yards apart; however, my neighbor shot a 4 with only one antler. I think it varies at what time they drop but I like to go after hunting season to look for them for safety reasons. We know a guy with a lot of land and he finds sheds when he is working in his fields. He has a ton of them in his cabin ranging from all sizes. I think the main factor is luck, but we look along the paths the deer have made in the ground and where we know there are deer.

  3. LB98---

    I hear ya on the LUCK,lol! Gonna need some. Saw four out there last night two bucks(one medium, one small) and later on two does. Eating in my back yard(grass I guess?). Thinkin of putting some corn out for em.
  4. I am gonna try and find some, where is the best place to look woods or fields?..Cant go fishing might as well try something else.
  5. I start looking in a couple weeks...

    I look in bedding areas, feeding areas and along well used trails.....They fall off just about anywheres..:D
  6. I think as long as there is good deer sign, you have as good of a chance as finding them. I also walk along fences they may jump but I've never found one by them.
  7. I'm looking forward to it...

    I'm ready to hunt for some sheds. Hopefully I can find some headgear from some of the nice bucks i've seen around. I've never found a shed before, but i've never really looked. Hopefully I can find one?... Hopefully.

  8. gamegetter, the only way you will find one is if you get out and look. My dad and I found 2 on one day and none the other 5 times we went out.
  9. Just get out there and look. I look along fences, old rub lines, bedding areas. You'll find them.;)
  10. I have never really went out and looked for sheds but I think I will this year. I have seen some real brutes this year and I know there general bedding area so I am going to check it out for their sheds. I would like to know if they made it through the season.
  11. I saw a dandy buck this evening out in front of my house, looked like a big ten-point..I will be shed hunting this year.
  12. Hey Jack...

    As soon as I see these big bodied deer without racks, we'll hit it! We can just pretend that we're shroomin a few months early.:D
  13. Bedding areas, feeding areas, fence lines and thick brush are the very best places to look for sheds... After the snow melts too before the field mice get on them always helps :D
    I found my best shed 18 pts oneside while rabbit hunting ;)
  14. Do you have a picture of that shed?
  15. First shed of 2003!!!

    My wife found it about twenty feet from where we park. Talk about LUCK,lol. I got a call from her while at work last night. I was thinking something bad happened? Called home and she was all excited,lol. "I found a deer horn", she said. She said it was just laying there on top of the snow. She had thought I put it there to play a joke on her,lol.

    Pretty nice- 5 on one side. Almost matches the one I was talking about earlier- 6 on one side from last mushroom season. Gonna get bundled up and look for the match here in a minute!

    I'll snap a pic and post it in a bit!
  16. Jack-

    We just got in from shed hunting found two more. One 4 on one side(the match to the one my wife found,NICE). The other had 5 on one side from last year(medium size). With this snow on these deer are in the honeysuckle. We found the other shed in an open field just off of a honeysuckle thicket and the other in the honeysuckle. Good luck to the rest of ya!

    P.S. Hate to make ya wait, but I gotta get lunch and head to work. I'll post pics in the morning!!!!
  17. Nice! Nice!I hope I can find at least 1 this year
  18. Major project/Trying for the 100th time to post these pics!

  19. OMG! It worked,lol...

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