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Share your best bowhunting tips.

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by vc1111, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. I love picking up ideas from other hunters.

    I give a few of my own for starters:

    I have a Summit Bushmaster XLS climber. I take a pair of rubber gloves and insert them into one of the open tubes that are part of the stand. Keeps them available and there's not need to pack them with the other stuff where the might get torn.

    I use tarsal glands from a buck for the most buck natural scent you can get. Works great. Draws and calms both bucks and does.

    I get them from the local deer processing places as soon as I can during the season. Cut off the extra skin and fur around the gland and keep them in a plastic bag. I attach them to a low hanging branch with a trail marker tack and I also attach a piece of bright orange trail marker tape to them...makes it a lot easier to find them after dark. This is probably my best and most effective tip.
  2. Best bow hunting tip

    1)SCOUT, SCOUT and SCOUT SOME MORE. You will kill your buck in the first month of the season if you scout all year. Atleast one or two trips a month.
    2)Hang your stand the moring of the hunt so you don't educate the deer. Put your steps in during the summer and clear shooting lanes then. If you have a climber practice on the tree in the summer so you know what holes to set it up for.
    3) Sit in your stand ALL day if your hunting anytime in November, before Thanksgiving.
    4) Always use "The Can". Primos makes it I think. If your really want to get a buck fired up blow into the bottom of it and really drawl it out into a soft, long purr.

    These have worked for me. Good topic. Take care all, -Kevin

  3. I have done this a few times and it worked. I had some deer passing though my wooded area , but would not stop no matter what I did. Layed and scent trail, they would smell it and keep walking. So I took some old arrows and put felt around the arrow at the nock end. I put scent on it and shot it on the other side of the deer trail where I wanted the deer to stop. The first morning i tried it a 7 pt. stopped to smell the arrow and when he is stopped to smell the arrow his head is turned toward the arrow on the ground and gives you enough time to hit the sweet spot with one from the bow.

    Also to help stop noise while leaning away from a tree. Tie and old camo shirt around the tree where your back hits the tree. Then when you lean forward to look around you won't make any noise when the bark hangs up on your shirt or coat.
  4. Ive hunted swamps, big woods, funnels,ect ect.... But my best stand sight is 20 yrds into the woods on the back corner of a alphalfa field.. The deer seem to always cut that corner. This year ive seen 9 differant bucks and 48 does!.. I hunted a total so far of 59hours...mainly on weekends:)
  5. i like to hunt the transitional areas between where they bed and where they feed.the spot where i have my stand is on a down spot in a fence line between these 2 types of stand has never moved.the 1st year i hunted i had been watching this spot and the deer used the same crossing day in and day out and always have.
    i can't remember where i read or saw the article on hunting transitional areas but it explained it like this.
    the deer know 2 areas best.their bedding area and their feeding area.when they are in those spots they are alert to something that's out of place(a hunter and/or stand).
    when they are moving from one spot to the other is when they are most off guard and less aware of their surroundings.
  6. well here is something im very sure of, when the bow season comes in the very first colder weather that comes in the middle of oct thats when your bigger bucks start coming out more during the day to make there marks in the woods.
    and living in southern ohio and looking at deer every day down here,the first rubs&scrapes you see in the woods early in the season are from smaller bucks
    for instance this year,remember how cold it got during halloween?
    well there were huge bucks tagged in that weekend down here.
    hope this well help some of you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I guess, one of the best things I can share, is my " Hunting not Hoping Rule" Which is, I will not hunt a spot unless there is buck sign ( Rubs, Scrapes, etc.) Less than 4 days old, I will rescout the area in the future weeks ahead, but unless there is fresh buck sign I keep scouting until I find what i am looking for. The reason I do this is because a buck will change his patterns atleast 4 times between the time he sheds his velvet and the close of the season. Pike
  8. My Tip

    My tip for today is Scout Scout Scout.... Ive been hunting the same 42 acres for the last 6 years. Although the patterns stay mainly the same at certain times of the year they do change drastically sometimes. I am a ground hunter. I love the thrill of being on their level and trying to be as still and quiet as I can. Yes there are stands on the property that is just my favorite meathod. My spot if you can picture this is right inside a line of pine trees, next to an open field (which has corn or something in it normally) and to the right of me is a creek and behind me is nice tall weeds in the middle of this pine area that they bed in. The patterns where I hunt are mainly afternoon and evening patterns.. The morning patterns where I hunt change to often to get one good spot picked. I scout from August until the end of January and sometimes in the summer just to keep an eye out. You cant expect to get a deer by just going out and hoping.. Well at least on a consistant basis. While hunting this year there was only 1 day that I did not see a deer. And believe me I was out more this year than the last couple combined. :)