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Selling Equipment

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by BowHuntingInOhio, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Anyone selling a used bow?

    I've got a friend looking for one with a 30 to 31" draw length in the 60-70 lbs draw weight range.
    Arrows, site, quiver, case, release, rest included would be nice.

    Coming up empty on CL.

    Willing to pay up to about $300.

    Thanks guys. ~BHIO
  2. Have you tried the classifieds on Not sure of prices there but they usually have tons of stuff for sale there.

  3. Going to be tough to find all that for that price if you ask me...I will keep my eyes peeled though,,Midway had Bear strike packages down to 365$(need arrows,release an case though)..Same sorta package deal 400$ for PSE Stinger 3G..Local shop has some cheap eastons for under 30$ for 6 and a release can be has cheap
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  4. I just sold a package deal a few months ago. Redhead toxic everything but the release for $300 if you keep looking you may find one. AT and CL.. good luck
  5. Where are you located?
  6. The guy I'm posting this for is in Cinci. Will travel to Dayton area.
    I'm in Cbus.

    Not too crazy about making a long haul to Cleveland or the southeast part of the state.

    Looking for something like Wildman18 let go. Just a nice entry level bow package for a reasonable price. If he spends $400 or more, might as well buy new from a retail location like OMO pointed out.
    Thanks guys.
  7. I am in Dayton, I have a Bear Element 60-70lbs I think it has a 28" module and I think I have a 29" laying around. The draw is adjustable, I believe up to 1" but not sure. I used it 1 season but practiced quite abit with it great easy shooting bow. Other than getting draw length set its ready to go. LMK and I will look into the DL adjustment specs further if interested
  8. I have PSE G-Force set at 30"/60lbs fully loaded ready to hunt. Great beginner bow that shoots fast and dead on just shot it andtuned it at Gander on Mon. Comes with plano hardcase, 6 new Gold Tip Devastator carbon arrows. kisser, peep, 3 pin tru glo sight, slim practice field points, some broad heads, quiver and release. I'm in Dayton area.
  9. I would buy a new one bare then pic up sites and rest and the rest of what you need on Archerytalk. I got a fuse site and an Octane 7inch stab. for $40 buck's, I did have to but new Fibers but that cost me $13 for 5 colors 24inchs long... Point is I got a $100+ site and a $40+ stab. for 53 bucks.. It is now on my Bowtech D340 That I got for $550. It was in New condition with an rest, quiver, Stab. and site. All the stuff that came with it was sold for $100 to off set the price of the bow...

    You just have to keep an eye out for what you want... Plus you can sell stuff just as easy as you can buy. A great site.
  10. Hoyt bow

    I have a Hoyt Ultra Tec that is completely set up with a drop away rest, fiber optic sight, quiver, stabilizer. 60 to 70 lb and 30 inch draw I'd let it go for $350. It is a great shooting older bow that I bought new. Fantastic condition too!
  11. Go to a shop an look at the bear bows an some of the pse are in this price range ready to hunt packages I'm thinking of shooting a pse this spring and Maby selling my bow who knows my bear encounter is pretty smooth

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  12. Hit the flea markets and yard sales. My cousin bought a Mathews for $80 at a flea market.
  13. keep an eye out on craigslist. I have found several "killer" deals on there
  14. I think he's found one for a decent price.

    Any info on a Bear Lights Out model?

    Thanks guys.