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Scrapes Rut early??

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by lsheets22, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Already seeing a good number of deer signs down at hocking Co where I hunt. This year i think rut will be earlier than most with the weather how messed up it has been what are your thoughts? Good luck to all who is hunting Gods country this year and the best of luck to ya!

    -God Bless

  2. The bucks may be fired up earlier this year, but the does will not be ready until the same time they are every year. Rut is such a loose term that is frequently used by us hunters. The rut is technically from velvet shed to antler droppage. Whe the does come in is totally different. Bucks are like men, ready all the time...........does well you get the picture. Thus you'll see more scrapes and rubs cause they are ready and taking some aggresion out. May be a good year to hunt scrapes and rub lines???

  3. Exactly,lol same thing I say every year. First 2 weeks Nov.

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  4. I would say deer will move a little more if weather is cool. But does will start in early November fist 2 weeks be ready

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  5. where i'm at just southeast of hocking county its very common each year to see a good number of scrapes as well as rubs...i admit though i seen more scrapes this past weekend then i can ever recall in mid sept...mid sept. is very consistant from year to year...this is not the will be a good month before that starts to get serious...i have been seeing scrapes at places i dont see em this time of year...i'm also seeing scrape lines along trails...i usually see em in open meadows this time of does look like the rut...but i'm betting its not...:biggrin:hopefully this is an indication that deer numbers are up some in our area as i'm not real far from you...if your south of logan...thats why i think theres more...:biggrin:
  6. Deer habits an biology isnt my strong suit..But I would say the RUT will be around the same time as always,but if these crazy cool temps keep up, I think we will see more of it in daylight..
  7. If you put any faith in Deer & Deer Hunting rut forecast, it will be an early rut. They make their prediction each year based on the timing of the full moon. This year, D&DH is predicting the best time to be in a tree stand will be from Oct 31 - Nov 6.

    Of course, temp, weather fronts, hunting pressure, etc. as always will have a bearing on things.....
  8. Agree with what most are saying. Cooler weather has the bucks active. Weather has absolutely nothing to do with when the rut starts. It is determined by shortening daylight. Thats what triggers does to enter estrus. Timing is consistant in the same area year after year within a few days. If its cool we will see more activity during daylight hours. If its warm most activity will occur at night.
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  9. Wonder if calling and some light rattling would get any responses this weekend?

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  10. I have 6 different sets of bucks doing a Lil sparing and the bigger ones actually get serious, have a pic of a nice 8pt raming a 9 pt in the side and running him off, this was all in the past week

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  11. Scraping, rubbing, a little chasing all normal for this time of year. Look for a bit more as moon gets full then it will back off. (Oct lull). When they figure out the girls are not interested. Lots of testosterone build up now. Bachelor groups should begin to break as bucks battle for dominance. Around nov 4th will be first wave of heavy chasing
  12. This November looks to be another "trickle" rut with the warm forecasted fall... I would say leading up to that full moon in late October should be good if the temps hold.

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  13. Rut Predictions

    Deer & Deer Hunting released Charles Alsheimer's 2012 Rut Forecast in the September issue.For those of you who don't buy it and think the rut occurs at exactly the same time each year, this topic won't interest you. But for those of you who think that 16 years of study merits some consideration, here it is.

    To set the stage, the "Rutting Moon" is considered to be the second full moon after the Autumnal Equinox (09/22/12). Not since 2004 has the first full moon after the Autumnal Equinox occurred in September (09/30/12). This means the "Rutting Moon" (second full moon) will be in October this year (10/29/12) and not November. This has happened only 4 times in the last 17 years (1995-2011)!

    Therefore the "estimated" dates for the three main phases of the rut are:

    Seeking 10/29/12-11/05/12
    Chasing 11/02/12-11/09/12
    Breeding 11/09/12-11/16/12

    The phases always overlap somewhat as shown above. The first new moon after the rutting moon (11/13/12) always occurs during peak breeding as shown above.

    Alsheimer says the "sweet spot" will be 11/03/12 to 11/12/12. The sweet spot is the magic week when deer activity is greatest. Most importantly he considers this year's rut to be a synchronized rut which means it will be an intense rut with peak breeding taking place before 11/15/12. So no trickle rut, which is good news for you rut hunters.

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  14. Just remember one word...Halloween ...thats more predictable than any :Dmoon stuff...
  15. Thanks everyone! Never hunted halloween but going to this year!! :) Good luck all!
  16. I've missed going with the kids a few times on Halloween, can't say it mattered much although the woods is pretty empty. I go with the kids now.
  17. I was out yesterday(im in mahoning county) and I was spurised by the nuber of rubs I saw, probally saw about 6 of them
  18. Rattled in and killed one of my nicest bucks halloween night 2007....i love being in the woods that night.... you can almost feel the energy in the woods like its about to bust loose!