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12-4-2021/Youth Hunt
8 Point Buck/Gun
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My daughter Katie and I hunted during the youth gun season but ended up not seeing her target buck, a buck we call One Eye. We knew we would have the regular gun season, 2 day and ML season, if needed, to get old One Eye.

As luck would have it, old One Eye hit the dirt Tuesday evening on the neighboring farm. We actually couldn’t be happier for our neighbor as it has been SEVEN years since he harvested a buck!! Not only was One Eye old and missing his left eye, he was a fighter and, sometime in late November, took an antler to the right side of his neck just below the jaw…you can see the result by the festering wound on the right side of his face.
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New game plan: Katie and I were able to head down Friday after her basketball game for a doe hunt. We got a little bit of a late start Saturday morning and walked out to our tent which is nestled in a copse of trees in an overgrown hayfield just off to the Southwest of a small wintergreens and radish food plot and an even smaller pond. We bumped about 20 trying to sneak in…which didn’t leave us with high hopes for the morning hunt.

We did see a good sized doe with her button buck and a 1.5 yr old 6 point. Katie chose to pass on the doe …I think her heart was really on a buck!! A woodpecker entertained us while he tried to peck at the few pears left in the pear tree next to the tent. We also caught up on some zzzz’s 😂😴

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We called it quits about 10:45. On the walk back, 2 does trotted out on the trail about 200 yards in front of us and I told Katie the does were acting like a buck was harassing them. Sure enough, a nice 3.5 yr old 11 point with great potential came running in right after them. We took a seat and watched him run the doe through the field to within about 30 yards of us. It was a cool experience for her!
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All smiles 👆after watching the buck run the doe!!

For the evening hunt we decided to go back to the same spot in hopes an older deer would show up looking for the hot doe. After a couple of hours sitting and not a deer in sight, I spied some antlers on the opposite side of the field in the brush. Katie was snoozing and I gently put my hand on her arm and told her to not make any sudden movements. When he stepped out into the green field, he was really looking hard our way, acted like he wanted to come but turned to walk away. He wasn’t quite the buck we were hoping for, but she was excited and asked if she could shoot him. I grabbed my grunt call and gave him one grunt which turned him back to us. About a minute later, 2 does came out directly from our left to feed. When he saw the does, he decided to come but a young tight racked 6 stepped out and they locked horns for a few minutes. The 6 made up his mind to come and the 8 followed right on his heels.

When the bucks got to the does, they started to feed facing us. Katie had to wait about 5 minutes for him to give her a broadside shot. When he did, the small buck got in her way. I could tell she was nervous…I was trying to be calm and just hold the bi-pod steady for her!! When the smaller buck turned to check the does out, she got her shot. The 8 point bucked, turned and bounded, not ran, with his tail up back into the woods. She was a nervous wreck!!

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We called Dad, waited about 30 minutes and went to look for blood. We did have decent blood on one side and we immediately thought liver and maybe part lung. We tracked for quite a while with decent blood now on both sides, found 1 bed with quite a bit of blood and decided to keep on. Rob went back for the side by side and to turn off the potatoes roasting in the oven least we burn the cabin down! Shortly after he left us, we continued to follow the blood, Kate in front with the light…the buck stood up 2’ in front of her. Scared her to death and she spun around blinding me with the flashlight, so that neither one of us knew exactly where he went. Really good blood in the bed and I could see a blood smear on a branch leading downhill. I marked it with a tissue and we backed out, called Dad and rendezvoused on the opposite side of the hill.

After a long night, Katie got her hands on her buck! He was dead just downhill maybe 50 yards+/- from where we saw him.
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So happy for my girl and to be able to share these experiences with her. We truly have been blessed this hunting season!!

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I’m not in the pic but I did kill this doe yesterday with a muzzy.
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Harrison county muzzleloader kill 1/8/22
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