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Here you go, You can enter BOTH Youth and regular entries here
Team Number
Date of Harvest
Picture of hunter and deer or picture of deer and hunting implement used in the harvest
Ohio Tag Number
If antlered how many points over one inch.
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Team 5
irishhacker (Youth Hunt)
Button Buck
Conf# W3VC21
My 10 year old Niece Addison

Sunday 10-24-21 was a rainy day. The radar was showing about a 2.5 hour break in the weather from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Addison really wanted to head to the woods so I picked her up at 3 and we headed out.
We arrived to the parking area at 3:35. I looked at my reveal cam that is out in front of her blind and saw two deer were there at 3:25.
I told her we should probably wait a few minutes before walking in.
We decided to sneak in quietly and made it into the blind and got all settled in by 4 p.m.
A couple minutes later, we saw movement off to the right of the blind.
A button buck was coming in and eventually turned broadside at 18 yards.
I told Addison to take her time .. and breathe..
Her heart was beating out of her chest and I could see that she was filled with that same excitement that still drives me to hunt to this day.
I turned the safety off on her crossbow.
Addison settled her aim.. and thwack!
The deer ran straight left.. we followed the movement as much as we could from a blind.
I could not believe this just happened. We were only in the blind for 5 minutes.
We waited about 30 minutes before starting the highly anticipated tracking job.
We followed the blood trail meticulously from the point of impact. About 45 yards into the track, I noticed her deer laying up ahead. (she didn't yet)
She led the way for the last 10 yards or so.. following the blood trail until.. PURE ELATION!
She was beyond proud of herself and her deer. I could not be more proud of her.

She participated in the entire process. She helped setup the blind and clear brush and shooting lanes. She helped with the gutting process. She even dipped her fingers into the blood for some natural war paint! She finished the process with a trip to the butcher.

This was a great experience for her. She has her eyes set on a buck now.. I think she is hooked.
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