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Scope for Slug Gun

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by Z Man, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. I'm thinking of making my Rem 1187 my slug gun for next year - gonna buy a slug barrel for it. I was also thinking of putting a scope on it. I try to keep most of my shots under 50 yards but I may have opportunities at longer ranges up to 100 yards.

    I've used my Mossberg 500 pump for years (no scope) so this is new to me.

    Any suggestions/recommendations?

    Z Man
  2. I have a Mossberg 9200 and I have a Tasco Bantum 2.5 X 20 shotgun scope with a B-Squre saddle mount on it. I would advise you to use a saddle mount instead of a side mount. It is more stable and durable. I use it for deer and have used it for turkey hunting. Works out great. Just have to change the barrel and adjust the scope and go hunt them down.;)

  3. Z man,
    If your going to buy a new slug barrel and you want to mount a scope on the gun I would recomand that you get a barrel with the scope mount on it. You can get alot better groups with the scope mounted on the barrel instead of the receiver. Barrel can move around alittle in the receiver and change the point of aim some. If the scope is on the barrel it moves with the barrel and when you go back to your shot barrel there is no scope to take off. Even better next year when you put the slug barrel back on the scope is already mounted and zeroed.
    As for a scope a 2X is all you really need. One more thing to rember is that the higher the magnifaction the smaller the field of view and the harder it becomes to find the target. As long as you can see to put the cross hairs in the middle of the deer is all you need. I would also recomand a Leupold scope, it will be the last shotgun scope you ever need to buy.
  4. Scope

    Thanks for the recommendations. I do plan on buying the cantilever scope mount barrel for the 1187. I'll look into a 2X power scope.
  5. Z Man,
    You will have the perfict set-up in my oppenion, especially if you get a Leupold scope. I know their higher priced, but you`ve already got a good deer gun and are up gradeing so why not go all the way and get the best.
  6. I prefer a good red dot sight, over a scope. With most shots being moving within 100yds a Red Dot will be much better than scope. Try finding an animal moving in a scope and keeping it there.
  7. Aimrite,
    I`ve heard alot of guys say that, but when I through my gun up I know the cross hairs will be in the center of the scope and those darn dot float around in there and I end up trying to center the dot instead of getting on target. I only tried one once, and I guess since I had been useing scopes for years, I flat didn`t like it. Maybe if I would play with one I could get used to it, :rolleyes: , but I think I`ll stick to scopes. All I can say is that if it works for you, use it, that`s why they make Chev`s. and fords.
  8. I have used a red dot scope 1 time. It was on a Ruger MK 2 pistol. I kinda liked it. But I know where you are coming from Catfish. The older I get the harder it is to get use to new things.:eek: :D
  9. Better quakity design now

    I think new better designs have helped. Many newer models have larger 30-50mm diameter are solving that problem. They are also much better made than they used to be.
  10. Red Dot Scope


    I thought about a red dot scope too. Could you recommend one? So many decisions...

    BTW- I got the slug barrel with the cantilever scope mount for Christmas. However, it does not fit with the light contour 11-87 model fore-end. Now I have to get a standard fore-end. PITA.

    Thanks for all the help.

    Z Man
  11. Buckrun,
    Are you calling me old? Just because I`ve got alittle gray hair, well maybe alot, but that don`t make me old. Shows what you kids know! :D :D :D
  12. Kid! If you think I am a kid you must really be old! :eek: I find myself telling my kids “ yea well lets see I have had that gun uh about 25 years.” and that doesn’t seem that long ago.:( See you Saturday.
  13. I have a mb500 and I have a red dot on it and works real good ,got a 7 point last year on the run at 130 yrds lucky shot but i'll take it

    Good luck Ger
  14. Red Dot


    What kind of red dot scope do you have?