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Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by buck_slayer, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Any of you guys order fresh scents? I'm looking into getting some just looking for suggestions on where from? Real scents, timber valley, Jackie's...etc just looking for someone to give a good review, I usually use code blue but it seems it hit n miss on bulk scents sum is fresh and some just ain't no good.

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  2. I use a lot of Jackie's Deer Lure products...right now using their mock scrape powder and licking branch scent...during season i use the hot doe lure and the ruttin' buck...have been very successful with both of he sells fresh stuff every year...good luck

  3. Ohio Mossy Oak distributes a brand from Ohio. Pretty potent stuff. Try talking to him as well.

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  4. I use skunk cover scent. It is very effective. If I'm posting up on the ground or around a tree stand, I' ll apply some to cotton balls. I throw the cb's around my position. You have to be careful if you are on the ground because the deer will go down wind of the balls to get a fix on where the smell is coming from. I've had them walk right up to the cb's and roll them around the ground with their nose. Sounds funny but it works.

    You will want to make sure your hunting cloths are stored someplace other than inside of the house. Put on your hunting cloths outside of your truck or car. This scent is very powerful, you won't make any points with the wife if you wear your fumed hunting cloths in the house or car.

    I've never had a deer spook around me when I use the stuff. It's a very natural smell to them.


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  5. I have used tinks and wildlife research . Hit and miss I don't know . How much u pay for these fresh small opperation places and where do u get them ( internet ? )
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  6. Internets where I've been looking, just need to get an order Pult in for November. Thanks guys going to look into ur suggestions.

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  7. i use ALOTof earth scent.and i pack my clothes in a bag all year with earth scent wafers. and i only use baking soda to wash my clothes. other than that just doe pee on my boots:whistle:
  8. Thats exactly how I do it - minus the wizz on the boots thing.

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  9. But I do use Frank's scents all dom. buck and doe in heat I also think I used there double doe scent. All good stuff. I have had many bucks come right in to me.
  10. Hey RGJZ06; my wife just loves my bottle of skunk oil!! she always knows where its stored at. . .
  11. FRANKS DEER PEE in rarden ,have had excellent success with it in the past.A 16yr old boy was hunting with me last year last year and killed a 200+"with his bow
  12. the boy kilt a what with his bow??? pls elaborate a bit more....
  13. I'm sure she does. I thought I'd get a lot more reaction from my post. This stuff really works. I've tried the high dollar Code Blue wis bang stuff without success.

  14. Yeh haha skunk oil seems too extreme for me, I use earth scent and occasionally raccoon, but man skunk is nasty, I was a big fan for a 5 yrs til it just quit working most of it now just smells like musk and not pee,

    I just ordered doe in estrous and buck from Franks, I like trying products from within the state.

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  15. I'll try to hunt the rut this year for a change, work schedule has changed somewhat this winter. I might try some attraction type of scent instead of the skunk cover stuff.

  16. Nick Beeler from Tenn. killed a 200-1/8"non typical in adams county,he was 16yrs old when he killed it,there is a artical on him and his buck in the sept. issue of north american whitetail magazine.As a main frame 11pnt it still scored 181". but he had a scent bomb out with franks deer pee in it and he walked rite up to it to smell of it at 18 yds and he smoked him !!!!