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Scents for the rut

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by Robert2968, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. What Brand of scents do you use up there?I have used Code Blue and others but ms.doe pee (frozen)was the best I found until last year we tried top secret and it was great the first time out of the bottle but after the air got to it it turned brown and didn't seem to work as well after the first couple af sits.
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  2. I use my wife's plugs....I'll be sending some to Ohio hunter here in few weeks, he put an order in for twenty.. isn't that right Ohio :p
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  3. I don't use scents myself. One could argue I'm trying to do something with BO after those first few all day hunts while camping out. I hunt near scrapes in the pre-rut knowing the bucks are scent checking them. Once the rut is on I hunt the does. They stink plenty enough to keep the bucks coming..
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  4. I go with Tinks..... it's never let me down....

    I have been switching it up a bit pre rut though by using some active scrape
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  5. Cabbridgezowie, I may have to order one pack so I can try out on my hunt in shawnee State forest. Does it come with a money back guarantee ???
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  6. Momma says deer farms that sell fresh pee are the devil!! She may be right!! ;)
  7. I don't use any. I have tried alot of stuff, and it does not seem to do much for me. I always just pray for a die. the real deal works best.
  8. I dont like adding any scent to an area Im hunting that could possibly mess up all my effort to go undetected
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  9. Nimrod

    Nimrod Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Does pee way more than the 1-4 oz you'll buy and dump on the ground. I think it's a gimmick. I also don't want to add any more scent that may put a buck on alert.
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  10. Would you like to purchase a 3 phase pack ?
    pre drip, hell fire drip, or the yay the drips is almost done,

    Pre drip is 8 dolllars a plug with out string,10,dollars with...

    Hell fire drip. Is 25 dollars with out string 30 with..

    And the yay the drip is almost done runs 24.99 with or with out string.

    If you buy now freshness is guaranteed...
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  11. Laughing out loud!!! I like how you have to pay a few more bucks if you don't wanna handle the blood soaked end!!!! Your something else man!! ;) Lol!!!!
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  12. I've been reading up on the bloody mice and I'll let you guys know how it works around nov 1st
  13. Nimrod

    Nimrod Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    If she's using mice, it doesn't sound very sanitary!
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  14. I can't imagine your collection process goes smoothly with the mood swings and high irritability and quite frankly hell on earth at times. So that makes me wonder if it's a trash can collection or a sneak pull attack at night........either way blahhhhhhhhh!
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  15. Doctor told me once they wanted to name it mad cow disease but it was already taken.....PMS..... just doesn't do it justice. Theirs a million other words that come to thought over PMS......
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  16. Has this method been approved by the FDA . Or is it still in testing phase
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  17. She's still walking around so it must be approved......
  18. Poor gal u stalking around trying to pull strings!
  19. So what your saying is you only have one scent source and have only a limited supply.
  20. I think I'm going to have to agree with B, Kyle 13, and nut 22 and start using no deer scent at all. I have been saying this for a couple of years now but always end up using some. I have used Tinks, Code blue, Golden scrape, Indian archery, and the best from a deer farm. I have never killed a deer using this stuff. At best I have had only a few small bucks come to it maybe, I say maybe because I always use it in another scrape or one I make along a deer trail. The deer that I have seen I probably would have seen anyway. I have been told by a couple hunters now that all they do is urinate in a scrape they find or make, and that it has worked better than commercial lures have worked for them in the past. I have also read articles in different publications that the hunter in the article said that THE BEST SENT IS NO SCENT!! This I believe, I personally think that a lot of times the lure scares them to the point that they even quit using the area the lure was in. Good luck hunting and be safe.