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Scent Elimination $$$$$

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by CritterGitter, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. CritterGitter

    CritterGitter Staff Member Super Mod Mod

  2. Ill play the wind for free :coco::coco:

  3. people will buy into anything. IMHO if you spend more than about $10 a year for some spray . Then you have spent to much.
  4. i wont even look...another gimmick to make you scentless and take your money...hunters will believe anythang if they believe that...what tears me up is some actually think this stuff works...youre best bet is staying clean...and illiminating anythang perfumey...drink only water and a lot of non heated cerial before the hunt and stay away from anything including cow poop that puts scent on cant get rid of all the scent but i learned many yrs. ago you can trick a deers nose...especially deer under 3.5...the older the deer the harder...the wise old deer gets any scent and in 5 long strides he's over yonder hill...a lot of
    younger deer will look for 1.5s or 2.5s...and during the rut and a big boy on a hot doe...this is when illiminated scent really the scent free products maybe even scent loc...if it just works a lil and doesnt smell...those using hangons or ladderstands,rubber gloves...knee high rubber boots...brush teeth with bakin soda and wash clothes in baking soda,keep clothes in fresh air on a line and have a new change every day...i like to change boots too...lotta foot smell in there...get a #1 buzz cut...try to shower before every hunt if possible...go in very early in morning so your trail in will be old scent before shooting time...again this is tricking the deers nose...they know hot trail vs.cold trail...and will react to how old the trail is...when using a climber there is no reason to touch the tree until you reach your climbing the old days we had to hug the tree leaving scent all the way up the tree...i did use gloves then but with todays climbers theres no reason to touch the thang i really like about climbers...anythang you can think of to illiminate just a lil more your butt real good...using scentless toilet all adds up...:biggrin:
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  5. CritterGitter

    CritterGitter Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Ok, I admit I only read the first two lines. I don't have time for all that.

    I bet you would try it if it was only $10.00. If it worked, I bet you would continue to use it.
  6. Deer have been fallin to hunters for centuries. Long before Scent lok and Ozonics. Keep your clothes and boots clean and play the wind.
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  7. I will not buy those magic sprays any more. I found a recipe on here for your own with baking soda peroxcide and some other cheap ingediants

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  8. i wont even look at it,no matter what...:biggrin:
  9. mrex

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    I've learned to keep an open mind concerning new ideas and technology. If someone would have told me 10 years ago that I should immerse myself in hardwood smoke before each hunt, I would have laughed. Today, I smoke up before each hunt.

    Admittedly, this technology is a little more expensive to trial when compared to a scent smoker but the idea is no more radical.
  10. Good post!....These guys are knocking a product they know very little to nothing about..I aint saying it works or dont,but I think a little more hands on experience is required to pass the kinda of judgement some do on here..
  11. Not bashing the product just sayin that if I been killing for 30 years without it do I really need to invest $450 in one
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  12. Not bashing the product just sayin that if I been killing for 30 years without it do I really need to invest $450 in one?
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  13. Keeping an open mind is one thing, but spending $450 to test it or even if I know it works spending that kind of money is another.. As posted above I have killed enough to know it is not need. Now a day's hunting has gotten a little to high tec for my liking.
    Part of why I hunt is to get back to simplicity. I do admit that some of the stuff is helpful but even then I do like to hunt with a stick and string and a stick blind which still after a 1000 years still works.

    With that being said, I will take two!
  14. For only 450.00 bucks huh wow... Hahahaha
    Sounds like a great deal...;)
  15. CritterGitter

    CritterGitter Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Yeah right. :rolleyes:

  16. MREX,
    What type of wood chips do you use in your Scent Smoker?
  17. have heard alot of peolpe using the scent smoker and they swear by it
  18. I love my scent smoker!!! o great i hope we dont start another scent smoker thread:whistle:
  19. Hickory. But any hardwood will work as well. Mesquite, oak, apple all works.
  20. As far as the oxonics is concerned, I think it may work. Ten years ago there were a lot of people running around selling "Ozone-type" air purifiers. A guy that owned our local archery shop tried to sell them door to door. He came to our home and gave a demonstration. I did not buy, but was impressed. He cut an onion and placed it in front of the unit. Within minutes, the onion's smell was almost non-existant.

    I went to Iowa about this time last year. Spoke with Jay Greggory while we were there and I asked him point blank if they worked. He said, off record, that he felt they DID help. No one was paying him at the time to say that, and he knows my fondness for Scent Smoker so I don't think he was trying to sell one to me.