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  1. Well on my 14th wedding anniversary my wife surprised me w/ a new camo Savage 220 slug gun. Does anyone own one or have any recommendations on scope. I was thinking the Nikon Slughunter?
  2. Don't have scope recommendations but do recommend trying various brands of ammo. My 220 likes a couple different ones.

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  3. Congrats on your Anniversary!

    I put this one on mine and am very happy.

    Leupold UltimateSlam 2-7x33mm Muzzleloader/Shotgun Scope

    I also had great success with the 2-3/4 Remington Accutips.

    Hope this Helps
  4. That's a very good scope for that application. Nice setup.:thumbs_up:

  5. nikon is a good scope. I have a nikon prostaff 2x7x32 on my slug gun. I do like the leupold better but I put it on a rifle .
  6. mine shoots 3'' remington accu tip well and i have a nikon prostaff 3x9x40 and love it.
  7. I bought some Accutips this weekend. Next will be the purchase of a scope. Thanks for all of the tips.
  8. I just put a Nikon Slughunter on my gun. I've only shot it enough to get it sighted in, so not much experience with it. But so far so good.
  9. Are the savage 220s as accurate as they say they are ?Im thinking about buying a new slug gun this season and have read alot of good reveiws on them .
  10. Hows the savage on weight, my girlfriend has an 870 wing master 12ga her grandpas ol gun she was given but it's just to heavy for her to lug around, I was looking for a light accurate 20 ga. I like savages rifles just never looked at the slug guns

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  11. I have a good friend who has the 20 gauge, with the SST's, that thing is scary accurate.

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  12. Yeah - i got a 20 ga 200f with a nikon scope - shoots rem accu tips very accurate - my problem is i had to switch to left handed shooting because of an eye problem and the 220 is a right handed bolt action - so i went back to my rem 870 12 ga which is very accurate with rem copper solids - prolly sell the 20 ga. - dang :whistle::mischeif:
  13. Hey Buck-Slayer, Gander Mountain sells the single shot H&R Ultra-Slug Hunter LITE for $179, as long as she wouldn't have issues with cocking the hammer; weighs few pounds less than the heavy barrel...
  14. Im gonna look into that gun, was looking at the heavy barrel for myself, now I just have to convince her that she only needs one shot. LoL

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  15. It is around 6 3/4 #
  16. I also have the 20 ga H/R. My son (12 year old) uses it, gun shoots great, but a little on the heavy side. Good for tree stand hunting.
  17. I'm in the market for the H&R Ultra Slug Hunter in 20GA as well. A friend of mine has the 12GA and it shoots incredible. He states he wishes he wouldhave bought the 20GA after some of the articles we have read about the accuracy of the 20GA H&R. I already have a Burris 3x9x40 scope with Burris rings at the house that's currently in need of a gun to sit on so I think the H&R 20Ga will get that. I've read nothing but good reviews on the Remington 20GA Accutip sabot slugs as well.

    The 20GA H&R should also double as a fine boar and black bear gun as well in thick cover. Those 260GR accutip slugs will kill with the best of them. :thumbs_up:
  18. What do u want for the 220 sir