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saugeye eggs?

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I was fishing today for saugeye but didn't catch any, however a guy there way kind enough to give me one he caught. I have two questions. 1 st. has anyone eaten an egg sack from a saugeye, I know guys that do from bass, pike and panfish. They say they are a real richy fish flavor. 2nd. I know bass can have eggs any given time off the year and I was wondering if saugeye would be the same. This egg sacks were as big around as a quarter and about 4-5 inches long.

For any interested the stomach contents contained one inch long shad and an assorted mess of digested bits and pieces I couldn't make out. She wasn't full by any means but she was eating.

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Was that the one I gave you Bill? If it was I, I did offer to let you hold it first to see what it was like to have one in your hands!! lol I'll show you how to catch them soon! HA HA HA Glenn
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