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Santee Cooper Trip

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by mrfish/OH, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. Here's a panographic shot from the fishing camp shore. It's Randolph's Landing right on the dam. That cove on the right is very shallow & you have to motor in a small channel or you will bottom out in sand.
  2. I fished that cove for carp, and it was even too shallow for that :D .

  3. Timer shot

    Here's when we first got there. The camera was on the kitchen table. We had a fully equipted 2 BR trailer. This was the first picture we took at Randolph's Landing.

  4. It was fun !

    I'd certainly recommend taking a full week or more. That would leave 2 days for driving, 5 days of fishing. Two weeks would be ideal. Lots of birds, etc.

  5. Looking around you don't see any other guys out there. Was there very many out when you went out?;)
  6. Yes, there was

    We moved away from the pack. :p
  7. Mrfish/OH-----Is that blue cat you're holdin caught out of Santee? One heck of a fish! We used to bass fish there years ago at the end of March. Out in front of Randolf's Landing is a logjam in deep water. A lake map should show it to you. I had a moster largemouth on there on an 8" blue, plastic worm that broke 14# Stren. Mouth of Wyboo Creek is good and 18'' crappies can be had there in the spring in the flooded brush! Nelson's Cut area also good for bass & crappie. Nice pic, sure brings back a lot of good memories for me!------TF
  8. BB- Yes

    Here's the site for Randolph's Landing I don't know if it would help to mention us or not, it certainly won't hurt, we didn't trash the place or anything !;)
    Turkeyfoot...that big blue came from the Ohio River on November 10, 2002.
    I put alot of the pictures up in the thread started by Bottom Bouncer....Placing bets on..(click here)
    I'll PM you a link to the big fish story, I don't want to start linking on forum to another- I have in excess of 5,000 posts there *LOL*:eek:
  9. Man, that place sounds pretty good. Only a couple hours from the ocean. Go cattin' one day, then to the beach for some ocean surf fishing........that's pretty tough to beat!!!!

    Thanks for the link.
  10. i have only weekends to spare,hunting deer gets my vacation time.but i would like to get around this year chasing the big cats.i got me a camper situated at the junction of the hocking and ohio if i can get a catfeeshin pontoon rig...
  11. Santee-

    Hey Bottom Bouncer- It's only about 50 minutes from the ocean in Charleston;) THE CATKING!!!
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