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Salt fork early muzzleloader.

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Ghunter, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. I have deceded to try the early muzzleloader season down at salt fork this year. I just have a few questions Has anybody done this? How does the process work do you have to check in or out check out. How crowded is it usually and is it worth the 1.2 hour drive? Any tips would be appricated. Thanks.
  2. No check in/out.
    I've heard SF gets way crowded.

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  3. Thats right, push em into the interior :)
  4. it's not that bad if you avoid opening day and saturday. no special regulations anymore they did away with that a few years back, you use to need a special permit and could only check your deer at the SF rangers station. just my opinion here, i to live in stark and my recommendation to you is if you have the time and don't mind driving 4hrs go to shawnee much bigger tract of land and way less hunters equals a much more enjoyable hunt
  5. +2


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  6. wear a bullet proof vest and and kevlar helmet.
    Realize, there will be so called hunters, wearing all camo in the woods.
  7. I've been wanting to try one of these early muzzy seasons as well, sounds like I'll steer clear of salt fork. Any other reccomendations?
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  8. You could give Shawnee a try.

  9. Its really not that bad at salt fork, just stay away from rocky fork that's where the majority of hunters are at..we usually go down on Sunday and get our spot picked out and then party a bit and hit it monday. The first day is really the only time worth it IMO. We take a jon boat across the lake and get in the woods well before everyone else and let them push all of the deer to us. I passed on a nice 8 last year and shot a doe instead and my other buddies shot an 8 and some does..I think the key is taking a boat but it seems others catch onto that more and more every year...just my .02

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