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Rut Predictions

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by scout0324, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. With this crazy weather we have had this you think the timing of rut will be affected?

    Turkeys gobbled early...mushrooms were up early..wonder what this will bring for deer season?
  2. well from what i "hear" we are supposed to have unually warm temps so who knows. im still firm believer that the rut is going to fall in the 2 week window like it always does. personally for me and what i seen last year it got fired up right around the 6th or so. i shot my buck on the 12th and he was full on rut mode. came in on a doe hot. rakin trees. scrapin. grunting. i took off the 5th through the 12th so that should give me decent window.

  3. as usual...during deer camp(wn)...things will start heating up on halloween...and peak close to the 10th...:cool:
  4. Same as every year give or take a couple days. If its warm, most activity will take place at night
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  5. i think most activity goes on at night either way...but i get what youre saying and agree completely...:biggrin:
  6. I'm still waiting for last year's rut to hit!! :yikes:
  7. Just be in the woods the first two weeks of November. ;)
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  9. It's always first two wks of nov. Sightings depend on age structure and sex ratio and temps last.
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    Although I love the first two weeks in November, I have been having good action that last week of October.
  12. Anyone have an idea of rut for logan and junction city area?
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    November 11 - Nov 17 incorporates the new moon period. Darker nights and hopefully colder temps would increase chances for daytime movement.
  16. Rut activity is not dictated by weather. You might think it is because who wants to run around in a wool coat when its 70 out? Deer cant sweat so they lay low and do the running at night when the temps drop off. They will still breed the same time every year.

    Ask the DNR for peek conception dates, youll see it never changes.
  18. I AGREE...i have seen too many bucks bed on a nice high lookout where they can check bottoms for activity...they dont always use the nose...they use sight more than most think...and hearing...when the weather cools theyre off to the races all night long...and into the morning...either way its still smart to be out all day during the 1st 2 weeks of nov...:biggrin:
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