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Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by blainesdaddy08, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. I know all my deer have rubbed off their velvet now but I am really shocked at the amount of fresh rubs that I am finding. Some of them have already broke the smaller trees off.

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  2. the 1st rubs and scrapes i find really gets my blood boilin...ill be out this weekend boilin blood...:D

  3. Coon the rubs are everywhere and I can't wait to find some scrapes and it won't be long at all I'm already in killing mode and can't do anything about it lol

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  4. if theyre everywhere on the wnf that tells me we're gonna have a ton of bucks...its the best indicater there is...:D
  5. Yes I agree I have saw twice the nice bucks this year already than I saw last year. Alot of people have told me that they are seeing more big bucks this year than they have ever saw and that's the best news we hear

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  6. i just got back from hanging a couple stands and scouting some more on the wayne. seen ALOT of rubs already really shocked me that many this early alot more than i saw all together last year and im not hunting to far from where i did last year. had two cams up since july 4th and had a ton of good pics only a few that i would shoot tho, one super nice 9 that was still in full velvet on sept 11.
  7. Seeing them in Cincinnati.... Acorns are falling also..
  8. Found a fresh rub saturday on our lease about 4-6"dia. rubbed slick and still had fresh blood all over the tree from his velvet.Thats the first rub i have ever found with blood all over it like that.I took a pict and will try and post it if i can figure it out.
  9. The easiest way I have found to post pics is to download the app on your phone and just attach them to your post. Thats definitely a picture that would be neat to see!

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  10. Hey coon Buddy of mine was out 4 wheelin in wnf and he sent me a bunch of pics of some giant rubs should be a good year for the forest

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