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ROLL CALL for opener weekend...

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by coonskinner, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. we're down to 9 i need to know whos gonna be there and approx. when...i will need it to send direction info to those comin to the opening weekend deer camp...i will send the info thru pm ...this also gives all of us an idea how many will be there...the camp will be open friday...the last chance to scout or get stands up early for this camp...i will also be posting this over at deer camp(wn)social page...:D

    coonskinner i'll be at camp friday...(28th)...:D:bouncy:
  2. down to 6 days...hmmm,nobuddy coming...:mischeif:anybuddy nearby seeing a large camp going on stop by...its prolly us...:D

  3. Do you have these every weekend? Sounds like fun, and I love helping people get on deer. How far from canton is it?

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  4. my guess about 120 mi...just lookin at the map...if you want to get to the deer camp(wn)social page just click on my handle coonskinner and it will take you to my on the small wayne pic.that sez social page...

    we will be there every weekend...i hope this cool weather holds on but its usually not the case...keeping fingies crossed...i think youll enjoy the camp and the go on overto the social page and join in on the conversations...:biggrin:
  5. if you ever wana follow me down to camp. i go down just about every weekend during bow season is a long drive on friday after work but worth it
  6. I may just take you up on that sometime.

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  7. i drive rite thru canton on 77 on my way south. i drive from kent state university
  8. down to 3 days...fall colors are showing up here in columbus...nothing like being in the big woods when the trees are in their beautiful fall i can't wait...:D
  9. Hey George probly cant make it for the opener, gotta work but might be able to make it down sunday morning. Ill give u a shout

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  10. ok if you dont make it sat. i'll keep in touch...let you know how it went...we do break campon sun. a lil after noon...but hey if you come can still hunt the eve.if you got the time...for those that dont get my number and decide they want to come i will be monitoring this thread...and the roll call on our social page...every year i get a lot of those trying to get to the camp but cant get hold of me...i got a cell phone with internet now...heh heh heh...:D
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  11. down to 2 days and a wake up...:bouncy:dang got stuff ready to go...must be a truck load...:nono::D
  12. just wanted to say good luck coonie and all you other guys that might be headed down there this weekend, hope you get some deer on the ground!
  13. Thanks a lot...would be nice if those cooler temps would re appear ...doesn't look like it right now ...could be a lil more challenging nice for the camp:Ding part ...
  14. dang just one more day and a wake-up...and we'll be back hunting white tails in the big woods...hope to see cool temps friday night/sat.morn...:bouncy:

    i'll be checking in the site from time to time,if we get some deer i'll post it...:biggrin:
  15. Be sure to post pics of the camp as well... good luck ! Hey Coonie, perhaps you didn't get my pm earlier in the week, but can you let me know exactly where you plan on having the Nov camp ? I'd like to get a birdseye view of the area...
  16. The camp is up ...acorns are falling everywhere ...:yikes: