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Rocky Road Trip...

Discussion in 'Cold Water Species Fishing' started by Knockoff64, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. Had the pleasure of good coversation, great friends and challenging conditions on a day trip to the Rocky Sunday.

    Shoeman, Chromium and I, arrived at the river around 9am as planned. We found it slightly high, maybe ideal, but quite stained.

    Steelhauler (Wes) tracked us down and met up with us at our first stop, providing us with many tips and generously sharing some choice spawn, thanks again Wes. It was a pleasure to meet you, your hospitality will not be forgotten.

    We fished the middle stretchs in the park first thing. Fishing was slow for all but those in the best water. We struck out, but learned some new water and refined our techniques.

    After an early lunch we fished near the mouth, and learned that a fresh batch of fish had moved up and many were hooked earlier. We also surmised that there is little to hold fish in the river with the water as cold as it is, 36deg. Shoeman had the first and only hookup of the day for us. If Chromium had stayed in the can a while Ralf and I might have had a blast!:D

    One of the best parts of the trip was that most people we met were very cool and willing to share information as well as a drift thru prime water! We were very impressed with the fishery and the sportsmanship we encountered, my M-S hat is off to you OhioSportsman! :)

  2. Were you wearin the cowboy hat? :D

  3. None of us were wearing a cowbot hat! A couple of us had Michigan-Sportsman hats on.

    Were you down there today? How did you do?

    We're pretty easy to spot, we're the fools talking to everyone we run into. You probably would have remembered us!:D
  4. Sorry to hear you guys didn't get any, but hey that fishing right? I'm glad to hear you had a good time though. Its tough right now, cold everywhere.

  5. We got one Jason, I just wanted Ralf to tell the story!

    Predator, I just got your joke! LOL. No we weren't near the guy with 20+ hook-ups on an un-named river! I wish we had been, sounds like fun!:D
  6. Hey Guys

    Knockoff, Shoeman, & Chromium,

    It was nice to meet you too. I'm sorry I couldn't stay and fish awhile with you guys. I'm glad you that you guys hooked up with at least one, that's what I did too. Let me know the next time you want to head this way. I'll plan to fish the day with you and show you some more spots.

  7. What a pleasure

    Hi Guys

    I just want to convey the deepest of thanks.
    That entire trip, although it made for a long day, was one of the best roadtrips ever. Meeting the "Ohio welcoming committee" with spawn in hand, was too much. Thanks Wes. We must have been easy to spot... LOL

    In fact, everyone we talked to was very helpful and willing to provide us with info and tips. With guys like the Ohio Fishermen, there is hope for the world. :)

    Usually, catching steelhead isn't like pulling "hind teeth", but with Michigan's low water this fall and winter season, it's been most difficult. We did have a few run our rivers, but unfortunately they did it while I was chasing deer.
    It took a trip to Cleveland to finally "sand" the stripe off my back.

    We ran into one of your finest young men. We noticed him fishing a centerpin (Float reel) at one of the fords. Although only 18 years old, he was a wealth of information and his enthusiasm was very evident and contagious. He lives to fish and shared a cute little story with us. Our interest in float fishing promted us to approach him. After the initial "Hi and how's the fishing", he told us how he obtained this reel. He had been eyeing it for several weeks and frequent trips to his local sportshop to fondle it showed his obsession to finally own it. After about 10 trips, he scraped up enough coin to buy it. As soon as the owner noticed him entering the store, he was forced to tell him that it was sold. Centerpins are quite rare and he only had the one in stock. The young man asked who bought it and the proprietor said a fat old man bought it.
    Come to find out, it was the young man's father and the reel ended up under the Xmas tree. Too Cool.

    Back to the fishing.
    Not fast and furious, but the just the presence of fish was good enough for us. We saw one other fish taken. It came out of the tailout of one of the deeper runs. Mine came from a seam along the base of a chute. It was relatively fresh with just a hint of blush. It came on a homemade jig with white marabou, chartreuse yarn tied on top and tipped with a minnow, below a bobber.

    Once again, thanks to all
  8. Great time!!

    I agree. We had a great time and it was nice to experience some new water. TThe Rocky River sits in a beautiful park and it seemes to be very well maintained.
    Thanks Steelhauler (Wes) for the spawn. It was nice to meet you and especially nice of you to be so forthcoming with information.
    Everyone we ran into there was very nice. It was fun listening to and sharing stories with that 18 year old young man with the center pin at the ford. What a passion for fishing he had.

    Sorry Knockoff, I wish I could have helped you but a man can only stay in the crapper for so long. :D

    Thanks again to all, we'll be back!!

  9. glad you guys had fun!

    with the three of you guys on the river you must of had few laughs.;)

    thanks ohio sportsman for making a couple of michigan sportsman feel at home. i hope knockoff remembers to take me some time.;)

    although my ties to ohio are getting tighter. that is if i let her get the strangle hold on me.:eek: scary stuff there....(women)

    see you guys on the harbor sunday p.b.
  10. Polarbear
    Are you going ice fishing in Lexington Sunday?
  11. Not a lunker, certainly not a trophy, but after several fruitless trips within our State, the Ohio "Fish Fairy" smiled upon me.

    Thanks :)

  12. Ralf,

    That is one beautiful fat fish. Next time I'm going to make it with you guys. Sounds like you had a great welcome.

    If you guys know Shoeman is coming, check him out, he has a lot of secrets and he doesn't mind sharing. Just be careful or he will pick your brain too, but maybe that's what it is suppost to be like.

    Glad you guys had a good time.