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Rigs for bank fishing the Ohio River?

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What type of rigs do you use when bank fishing on large rivers? I have been using a slip sinker, bead, barrel swivel, 12" leader, and then a circle hook. Been thinking about a three-way rig to keep the bait a few feet off the bottom. Any suggestions?
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Either or.....

Not sure it would matter much. There are a few tricks though. I sure hate to give up "secrets" The "catfishermans association" will probably disown me now!!;) :eek: I can't wait to see my PM's ! I don't believe in keeping secrets to get a "one-up" on my buddies. I compete with the fish, not with humans !
Trick #1 before your sinker hits the bottom, close your bail, sometimes it's even good to do that when it hits the water. Reason? This takes the slack out of your line, less slack, less chance of the sinker rolling & getting snagged. Along the same thinking, crank up a few times after it hits, for the same reason. Always place your baits downstream of where you are ( in current situations). I know you are fishing in the Ohio River. In a lake, you can place them anywhere.
Longer rods help to keep the line up & off the water, also moves more line quickly helping to control a fish & the slack line.
The stronger the current-the shorter the leader. Longer leaders move more in the current, the bait's going to go in a circle, making it twist alot & a harder target for the fish to grab. Also will snag easier.
Hope that helps some, hope to see you at the Doctor's T's this year !!
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Jim gave you some great advice, My rig is the same as yours but I dont use circle hooks
Great advice Jim. When is your next class, so I can put it on my calander.;)
i finally read Jims reply...

Funny one as usual:rolleyes:

Rooster..if you are going to be bank fishing, mostly tailwaters..then i say get away from the "carolina" rig for sure..with this rig you will for loose fish to the rocks as the sinker will snag up and you will loose the whole rig..from a boat its fine...but i never run this rig in the tailwaters.
My rig of choice is the 3-way rig you mentoned.
I prefer either "no-snag" or "no-roll" style sinkers for current as they tend to stay put much better than bank or egg sinkers in current. I tie a lighter line to my sinker and a heavier line to my hook.This way if anythings going to snag it will most likely be the sinker and you wont loose a fish or the whole rig.You can vary your drop lines to your sinker and to your hook...i just try to make sure my sinker leader is a little longer than the hook leader..how long to make them depends on bait being used(live or cut) plus the current flow.
You can buy the 3-way swivels, or you can tie your own style of 3-way like i do most of the time.
Jim was right when he said using longer rods work better for bank fishing big rivers like the Ohio r.
Being a hybrid hunter, you already know that you can cast farther and play fish much better at long distance with them than say a shorter rod of 6-8ft long.
Also i dont run really heavy main line when fishing the big river..the long rod will help protect the lighter lines much better, plus when you do snag up(and you will)..it wont be as hard to break off.
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Swivel-line(lighter than main line)-pyramid sinker.

run main line through the other end of your swivel and tie on a hook, just make sure the eye of the swivel isn't so big that it slides over the hook eye. Let out some line, the current will pull the hook/bait away from the swivel/leader/sinker.
I agree with the 3 way rig .. I go one step farther .. I take line about 15lb test .. depending on how heavy the main line is, I take about 2 ft or so of the lighter line, I attach a sinker to the end of it, type of sinker is a no roll or something kinda snag proof, then I attach a swivel to the other end, I put my main line through the swivel, put another swivel on the end of it, then attach a leader made of the same line as the main line .. this allows the sinker rig to slide on the main line, plus keeping the bait somewhat off the bottom, if you get snagged it sometimes is the sinker so you can break off the sinker and hopefully still get your fish in .... Like jim said I always try to cast down stream a little, this has to effects .. it keeps the line from being dragged across snags, plus I have found that alot of fish when hooked head down stream ... if you are already fishing in that direction then, the fish drags you across fewer snags .... Although I am a 99% of the time boat fishermen, this has worked pretty well for me ... Good luck
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mad catter

yea trhe improved 3-way rig is a great rig too...very good for fishing live baits up off the bottom;) .
Where are you fishing the Ohio river.I have been looking for a good spot.I just got a camper and its at a campground where the Hocking river goes into the mighty Ohio.I want to catch some big cats.

I fish around Pike Island Dam most of the time!
EVERYBODY wants to catch some big cats.......
Another twist

We've been using this a little. Have your swivel & leader attached to the main line. Before you tie the swivel to the main line, put a snap swivel on it, the main line thru the top of the swivel. Leave the snap end on the bottom. Pre-tie 10# line onto your sinkers with a loop on one end. Now you can change the amount of weight for changing conditions & baits without re-tieing. Also makes it quick when you break off a sinker.
Now that one was a secret !;)
Here's another one I posted it somewhere else over a year ago :p It's a nice idea, only now I'd use the snap swivel on the sinker drop line.
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Jim, that rig is similar to mine. Except that I don't use a swivel and leader for my hook, just tie directly to the hook.

I guess you could come up with a zillion variations without any problem in a short time too.
i am not far from the racine pool'i hear it is very good.

man do i learn something new every day, thanks
flathunter thanks for your help with my avatar
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