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Returning Champs - P.S.D.

Discussion in '2012 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by fike21, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Here we go boys, roll call!

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  2. Tadow! Let's do it.....again

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  3. I say we make it two in a row.
  4. Im ready to knock some more brown down baby!!!
  5. Tick tock, tick tock...

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  6. Here! This year is lookin good fellas, plenty of nice bucks on camera and the rut will bring many surprises. I have been counting the days since February, can't wait.
  7. I went back and checked some of deer fires old post said something about bear hunting the first part of sept. Hope he makes it back in time.
  8. yeah hopefully he makes it for sure. if we need to we can pm him if it gets too close. either way im sure he is in,hope everyhting works out. cant break the champs up!
  9. just got done reading our thread from last year. read it from top to bottom, dang that brought back some memories. we had ups and downs, but in the end we got it done. any big changes or plans for this year? i plan on hunting hard again this year ,but i have one major change. im working third shift now so ill be primarily hunting mornings,and during the rut ill hunt mornings and evenings. this has me pretty pumped up.
  10. My season is looking a hundred times better. Last year there was some logging going on. The deer are finally coming back got some good ones on the trail cam. I should have more time to hunt, my wife changed her work times around. So all in all I'm pumped for this year.
  11. Sorry boys it September 13th i just got back from bear hunting. And British Columbia Canada got me a nice cinnamon bear color phase bear. I hope I'm still on the team
  12. Good to have ya back! Congrats on the bear.

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  13. well kids who ready on this team to git R DOne. I knowi am dose my bear count as 5pts lol. Well got my hunting things about clean up from trip and ready for bow season.
  14. I got two new spots this year close to home so I am excited about that. The farmer keeps telling me that hes been seeing a giant. I havent picked him up on camera yet. I will be hunting opening day then heading to Illinois to hunt for a week. I got some real bruisers on cameras over there. I still need to wash clothes and get my tags but ready other than that.
  15. I just put a new string on the bow this weekend, and shot my new arrows. Still got a stand to put up this week sometime. Bunch of does around but nothing to speak of as far as bucks go. I know they are around though. Hope everyone is getting good pics.

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  16. Well kids my end is not looking bad here. I be out opening day of bowseason. Who else will be with me.
  17. I'll be out for sure!

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  18. Same here i will be out opening morning.
    I got on here this morning noticed it has been kind of quit on here thought I would post a pic to get you guys fired up.
  19. That deer is a beast. Im sure you are offering all your team members a discount on your Taxidermy services this year arent you lol. I am ready to go cant wait to climb that tree opening morning. just a couple days to go now.

  20. I will tell you guys what I will do. I will give you a 10 percent discount on any deer you use to score points for the team. Does that sound fair?