Remington files bankruptcy

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  1. I would say it has more to do with the quality they put out now than anything. Their ammo even went down hill. I quit buying remington stuff about 5 years ago.
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  2. I never liked Remington ammo.. Remeber tho Remington bought out Marlin.. Still make them and then bought out HNR and stopped making them... It’s just astounding to see this..

    I’m sure now they will be looking at ways to cut even more costs..... Just sad to see.
  3. Remington died years ago. The junk they put their name on now is astoundingly disappointing. I have a few 870's from the early 90's and a few 700's from the late 90's / early 2000's that are real Remington's. Haven't even looked at a new Remington in many, many years. Really a sad, sad state of affairs.
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  4. Yep, thats what drove up the price of the JM stamped barrels.
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  5. If you check out there is tons and tons of Remington made marlins with issues. I picked up one at cabelas to look at and the foreend was loose and sights crooked, I've hear of crooked barrels, crooked sights, etc.

    Mine was a remington made marlin and only thing wrong with it is the stock is 2 different colors and possibly 2 different woods. Only reason i purchased it was cause i paid $400 OTD for it and wanted a levergun since i was a kid. Never liked Remington ammo and came to find out after trying to purchased some Remington bullet for reloading that they are doing away with reloading stuff.

    I would have loved a JM stamped marlin but too much money for me to use as a hunting gun. My buddy is a wizard with refinishing gun stocks so ill just have him restain mine. Ive handled new Remington long guns and not a fan.

    As far as ammo goes i don't buy ammo from gun companies. IMO its a gun company and ammo is just a side business so QC might go out the window. If i need a round that i know will go bang 100% of the time its Hornady or my handloads with the very best components. Self defense ammo is Gold dot or Hornady.
  6. I bet there head CEO's still got very large bonuses . And there is a big problem in this country when law suites go threw like this . Remington didn't make the guy shoot people . Is there a law suite on the ammo company that made the ammo he used .
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  7. I would love to have a jm stamped I just cant find one any closer than wisconsin to get one, in good condition that is. If anyone has one thats willing to part with it send me a pm.;)
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    Their around. I saw 6 of them this past weekend in the 444 Caliber which mine is as well, and another 5 in 45-70. All JM stamped. None were cheaper than $745.00. You won’t pay less than $700 for s good solid JM stamped gun. There are some deals out there to be had if you find it though.

    There were some rumors floating around that this may happen. It hit the presses yesterday. Remington unfortunately caused their own issue the last several years by not staying on top of putting new products out there and production quality also started to decline. It was inevitable. I have several pre 1995 guns and they are nice guns. I would suspect and the rumors are already floating out there that Marlin may be purchased by someone down the road and spun off to come back once again.

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  9. Not a big Remington fan,but they should come out of this ok.Getting Cerebus Holding out of the gun business is a good thing
  10. Sorry should have stated in 444 caliber. Yeah Ive seen some somewhat close but none in condition im looking for. Keep thinking one of these days I will find someone that cleaned out an old closet and found one new in box lol. I'm not worried about finding a deal if i find one I like i will buy regardless.
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  11. I will say i'm very happy with the accuracy of my remlin as 3-300gr HP handloads shot one giant ragged hole at 100yards off sand bags i was shocked! I wanted a JM more for the nostalgia than anything. Check out those guys are huge into these things and ive seen a few JM one gunbroker and sites like that. Im not sure how the online thing from another state works but when i was going to order one through buds i was told inspect it at the FFL and if it wasn't right deny it. I guess you could go that route.
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  12. I'm thinking about picking up a lever gun before next season. If I do, it will be a Henry. I own a Henry lever .22 that I love.
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  13. I love my wingmaster......
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  14. Had my eye on this one down in Florida, finally messaged the guy and asked about it. Jm stamped and he’s had it for 8 years and never shot it. Having my buddy go look at it tomorrow so hopefully the search is over.
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  15. For several years now, Remington has gotten away from making some of the best guns on the market such as the 11-87, 1100, 870, & 700. With they still male them, they are cheaply made & don't hold like like earlier versions. They also have been making when I call cheap throw-away guns. If they had stuck with the tried & true high quality firearms, I don't think they would be in the dire straights in which they find themselves. I think there may also be some mismanagement involved as well.

    I have 3 700s in different calibers & they are all pre-2000, great guns. I also have 2 11-87s, am 1100, & an 870 all pre-1985, again, great guns. All continue to work flawlessly. All you have to do is clean them.

    I won't own any Remy made post 2000.
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