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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Fish, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. Low-Profile Baitcaster

    9 vote(s)
  2. Round Baitcaster

    10 vote(s)
  3. Spinning

    27 vote(s)
  4. Spincast

    2 vote(s)
  1. What kind of reel do you use most?

    I don't like the round baitcasters, don't use spincasters, only use spining when I have to.

    I love low-profile baitcasters.
  2. Reel of choice for me are shimano stradics I have 4. very smooth drag and great casting reels. Of course this is for all fish except cats, for cats I use ABU baitcasters

  3. Dependson the species

    For cats- round baitcasters out of the boat. Fishing stripers/ tailwaters, then it's the big spinning reels. I have them on 11' St croix surf rods. I was using #16 Mega Drag reels, but I got a #20 this year too. I have a few 7'-8 1/2 & 10' surf rods too, and use a #12 & # 8 Ahabs on those.
    I'm running small spinning reels with crankbaits for walleyes on 7' rods trolling here. Vertical's a round reel too, an old Pro Max. I do have one low profile, it was my 1st baitcaster, a Diawa PS5BB, smooth as can be, took me forever to get the hang of it. Actually learned on an Abu 6500 with heavy weight, then the smaller reel was easy.
    Here's a little channel cat on my jigging rig. It's from last winter.
  4. I have a couple low profile reels for bass fishing and I have round reels for cat fishing . But I use the round reels more. I guess I don't prefer one over the other I love them both.
  5. That's it.......

    Ðe§perado™....I think I'd have to even go a little further on what you said....I like the one I'm catching fish on at the moment !!
    I do seem to favor the pretty ones !!
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  6. Wow. Am I hated here or something?

    If so please let me know what I did wrong. I can't think of any other reel used other than what I used in the poll.

    I hope I didn't offend anyone.
  7. I like you fine Fish !!

    I like your name, I like the Barney Miller show too !!
    I found a picture of a pretty reel......I knew I had it somewhere !!
    [​IMG] :cool:
  8. Where's ...

    ~ the big ole' Line-Counters that everyone is usein' ?? :cool:

  9. Another fine reel

    I finally got the reels I wanted. I have 4 of these Shimano CT700 reels and 2 of the Abu 7000C4 LeverDrag reels. That gives me 6 nice outfits for the big kitty cats. I'll be doing some horse trading on some other reels I won't be needing. Haven't decided yet, have to give my son & his buddies first shot on them. (Some Quantums)
  10. Fish , you just fine. You have your own opinion. Thats what we like.

    mrfish/OH your right the best one to have is the one with the fish on it.;)
  11. I like the round bait casters like the one I have below

  12. Although I would trade it for Jim's Calcutta

    Hey Jim looks like the fishing aint going to be very good on the Ohio this week?
  13. Yea, you can be sure I'd be using the round baitcasters if I were going after those big cats you guys do!

    I've heard that round baitcasters are better for bigger fish? Is this true? If so why?

    I've only used them for about a year, and that was a long time ago. I'd have a hard time giving up my Daiwa X-series tho. :eek:
  14. Bigger is better for bigger fish

    My opinion is because you have a beefier drag, more line capacity, and it will hold larger diameter(heavier) lines. An added feature is that if you break off alot of line, you still have alot left. I've never encountered that .....yet, but you have that backup if it does.
  15. SPinning Shimano Stradic. Biatcaster-CALCUTTA
  16. Actually, I think you forgot one type in your poll. It is the trolling reel. I guess that might fall under round bait caster but I can't really cast with mine.

    I use this type most often.
  17. most used

    would be spinning reels as i fish most of the year in streams for smallies..but for flatheads its ONLY big round baitcasters for me too..mostly my Calcutta 700's and Quantum Big Irons(410, 420 & 430CX).
    For smallies, whitebass and everything else small i go with my Shimano Stradic(2002 & 2003 model), Shimano Ultegra(japan version of stradic), Bio Master(japan version of Sustain) and last Daiwa Emblem Z, X & S.
    Since i also only fish rivers and streams and DONT fish for largemouths, i dont use those low profile baitcasters.
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    Guys- PLEASE don,t post a poll on your favorite underwear, briefs or jockeys, Mr. Fish will take a picture for ya. Hahahahha. Sorry Mr.Fish, couldn't resist! LakeRaider"" (I bet I'll pay for this one):D
  19. That's a good one.... But will see a poll on it soon.
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